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  1. hugore

    [MOC] [BDP-S4] Opera House

    This is awesome! I'm in love with it! The "Forbidden Connection" in one of the billboards is a very nice touch. Admirable!
  2. hugore

    Help with identifying parts/sets!

    That's it, for sure. Many thanks!
  3. hugore

    Help with identifying parts/sets!

    Hello, Can someone be so kind and help me identify the part used on the tower, below the antena with 2 flags? It is what ressembles a pearl gold 5x5 radar with spiral, but I can't find it on bricklink. Many thanks in advance
  4. hugore

    Storage and Sorting LEGO

    I gave him the right to inherit the collection, not the bricks themselves. Those are still under my domain
  5. hugore

    Storage and Sorting LEGO

    How deep do you need them to be? The ones I use are 14cms long. Stanley 1-93-980
  6. In Portugal they are available
  7. I bought it for my mother on mothers day a week ago. She an avid orchid collector and zero experience in Lego building. It was finished in 2hours and placed proudly among the other orchids, and it didn't felt out of place.
  8. Confirmed also in Europe.
  9. hugore

    Hi there!

    Hello, I'm hugore from Portugal Been away from Lego for a few years, but since I became a father the seed that was sown in the 90's has decided to germinate. I started my Lego collection in the end of the 80's (I'm from 1985) and I still have all my sets from that era. Together with my wife, we assembled a short 25k pieces collection of parts, and we are looking forward to expand our collection. It is amazing to see the new building technics, parts and colours that we could only dream in the 90's. We are still learning and discovering what happened in the last 25 years in this world and we are in for a lot of study and fun. Let's go!
  10. hugore

    Storage and Sorting LEGO

    Hi, As my son is now 1 year old, i decided to present him his mom's and mine Lego collection from our juvenille days (in the 1990's). We had some old and bent Billy frames from IKEA and used, after a bit of research and a trip to IKEA, several Stanley 1-93-980 and 1-93-978 to store the pieces. We could get each of this elements for 9€, which made our decision easier since we needed to buy 20. A part of the end result can be seen in the link below (image way to big for direct attach) 1-93-978 are particularly useful to store larger plates or leaves. I can fit 46 leaves in each drawer without forcing them, which is quite good. In lenght, both can store up to 1x20 Parts are separated by color and function. We still have a long way to go, but I am so far impressed by the Stanley elements. I think I will remove the drawers, to add more space for more elements per Billy Frame. I always said that becoming a father to be able to play with Lego again, without being frowned upon or being called a manchild. The dark ages are over! Cheers