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  1. Hey there, I am new around here. I have been playing with legos for 30+ years. Sometimes I search the internet to see if someone has already put in the work to build something I want to build. This project has been in my mind for most of a decade and no one has shared a similar mechanism that I have seen so far. I figure I owe it to the community to share what I made given how much I have received over the years. I want to build a Lego train layout to Technic figure scale. I don’t see many people mixing trains and Technic. I don’t intend to have the mechanism be the focus of the build like Technic sets are designed to do but I do intend to take advantage of the possibilities that Technic components offer. I took my first stab at making this locomotive about 5 years ago. It never did what I wanted it to do and it took until the cat knocked it off the shelf and shattered the first try before I admitted that the cat was right and I needed to start over. I am sharing the mechanism now because it might never get finished but it is really cool and might inspire someone else.