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  1. Powder Monkey

    [MOC] The strangest boat you ever did see

    Absolutely right. More people should do so :) to boldly go where no Blacktron-Bionicle-Boat/Ship has gone before! Good job @Elephant Knight
  2. Powder Monkey

    [WIP] HMS Victory in mini figure scale

    Holy cow! Read the title - thought "What a crazy idea! But Studio/Mecabricks and a lot of time might make the impossible possible..." Well, then the photographs popped up
  3. Powder Monkey

    [MOC] - HMS Supernaut (48) Heavy Frigate

  4. Powder Monkey

    [MOC] - HMS Supernaut (48) Heavy Frigate

    Wow! You Sir are the Thomas Slade of Lego shipbuilding
  5. Powder Monkey

    Custom Sails, Flags, Capes & more for Lego Pirates

    Hey @custombrickstim you're from Austria too? How cool :) Does anyone know what exactly the original material is/was? Seems to me like no one can come up with a defintive answer. Even the fabric stores I showed the sails to were puzzled by it.
  6. Powder Monkey

    The "what set did you just build" thread

    I just built the 7991 Garbage Truck from 2007 to see if all the parts are there (bought it used from a neighbour). To me still the coolest garbage truck. Realistic, yet playable. As my kids can't wait to see the weekly garbage truck pass-by through the window (waving at the garbage men like mad) this'll be the perfect birthday gift for them :)
  7. Powder Monkey

    [LEGO IDEAS] Modular Medieval Village

    So true. Those street lamps are my personal highlight!
  8. Powder Monkey

    [LEGO Ideas] Imperial Trading Post

    Ooooo that looks very nice! Great renderings too, they feel so commercial
  9. Powder Monkey

    [MOC] Treasure hunting

    I had the same thoughts as Mister Phes: I really think the depth of field is the secret star here. Masterfully executed!
  10. Powder Monkey

    Are classic themes dead ?

    @Alexandrina & @MAB thanks for your great thoughts on this :) I have to say though I just joined recently, I really enjoy how factual and constructive people communicate here on EB Alexandrina's post made me think of another topic: Has Lego ever tried to establish a "classic" theme (or a theme they created) for all ages (besides Town/City and AGAIN: Ninjago)? - I mean like some 4+, some 6+, some 12+ and some 18+ sets e.g. - but all within one theme. Some sets for the little ones with just a few parts and minifigs, some moderate ones and some really sophisticated sets for adults. Promote it like "fun for the whole family" or "bringing the whole family together". Would that be worth a try you think? Cause it seems to work with non-ip themes (Star Wars!!) and also City/Ninjago. I myself would buy like a madman, because I know my kids are getting sets from themes I love (and thus I would play enthusiastically with them) PLUS I know it all ads up to the collection.
  11. Powder Monkey

    [MOC] Pirate Death Star

    Such a crazy idea, such a stunning outcome
  12. Powder Monkey

    Are classic themes dead ?

    Really fascinating discussion going on here! I think the very basic question is which target group is more profitable for Lego (short-term and long-term) in total. Does anyone here on EB (probably a Lego insider) happen to know? I can only speculate, but if I was Lego I'd say in the short-term it's the AFOLs spending thousands of dollars on sets related to the classic themes they know from when they were kids. They have money and nostalgia. This explains this for me: Which is absolutely true, and I'm happy that someone is serving our AFOL needs :) But for Lego, is it better to concentrate on them? Especially at the expense of the younger generations and future Lego customers? AFOLs age, lose interest or pass away sooner or later They can still spend a LOT in their lifetime, but does it still outweigh the potential lifetime-profits from new and future customers? If Lego calculated this it might seem smarter to target the young folks in the long-term. So in my opinion, it really depends on which strategy Lego is pursuing. I wish I'd know. For me, the absence of the "classic" themes points in this direction. Now there are a ton of people saying "But Lego IS slowly becoming expensive AFOL fan service". In terms of prices, set sizes, details I think yes, in terms of themes I think not. One castle or pirate set in years is not enough for us, or is it? Let's assume Lego chose the long-term goal: I'm wondering: Can the classic themes - for their concepts - still be interesting for younger people? This comment caught my attention: The media aspect is one that I'm very interested in. Several months ago I found this article https://flicksandbricks.wordpress.com/2018/04/24/should-lego-reboot-the-western-theme/ and I think the author makes some very good points. That was in 2018, since then I think Lego pushed it even further with digital services, series, apps etc. Recently they even announced to drop printed building instructions and make them accessible via the builder app instead, so the direction is quite clear to me: More media. I strongly believe that people buy, what they see on their smartphone, in the media, pop culture. Ninjago is a great example. The question here is: Is it all a self-fullfilling prophecy? Does Ninjago sell because of all the extended content and media presence? Does Lego just have to launch a Lego Pirate Series on Netflix with a really cool storyline, make a trading card game, interactive journeys through webcontent, apps and social media and people will start to buy? Could it be that the current generation just needs a new imagination-stimulus through modern entertainment possibilities? And all of a sudden, pirates or knights are cool again and sell like crazy? I even think by daring to establish a whole new universe based on their own IP/theme (be it castle, pirates, space or whatever) Lego could achieve something really big (since current movies, series, games etc. to me are kinda stuck either in an "according to the book" or a "recycling" approach, always going for the safe option and thus being very toothless). But sure, it's a biiiig risk for Lego. And in my opinion Lego doesn't seem to be that bold right now.
  13. Powder Monkey

    [MOC] Sir Reginald's Return

    Alright, thanks for the explanation I'm kinda amazed, that whole decal thing was completely below my radar - until now. Had to watch some youtube vids to understand how this is done and what possibilities open up... Totally understandable, they are so iconic one just has to use them (plus there is no real color problem)
  14. Powder Monkey

    Your First LEGO Set

    I had this set too and I loved it so much! Need to look for the parts, maybe I could reassemble it again... Anyway, for me I think the first one I got just for myself was this one, or at least this was the first set that I remembered extreeemely well. My dad and me playing with this set on a sunny sunday morning... memories which last forever NAME: Backhoe (6662) YEAR: 1992 PARTS: 85 RATING: ***** out of ***** (yes, totally biased by nostalgic feelings )
  15. Powder Monkey

    [MOC] Sir Reginald's Return

    So cool man! Absolutely love it, especially the sand green tile in the roof, be it placed there on purpose or not How on earth are there no color differences in the grey tones? Aren't to those printed panels from the "Grey-Age" ? Or are there newer version in light bluish grey? Or is this just the rendering yet?