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  1. Oh!! I didn't realize Renown's referring to to the anniversary minifig. Must have misread or something. I thought it's about the regular ones in 75388. Yeah I believe both are fake. I'm just thinking the possibility of regular minifigs in 75388 being Republic Commando, as the selection is described "nice surprise". But as Classic_Spaceman points out that it might refer to the anniversary fig rather than regular ones...ok I should stop right here unless there're newer hints.
  2. Just a wild guess... Since Renown knows about the fig selection, and his comment on the set being " ...it could well be (Z-95), and might well be within the realm of possibility for all I know... ", is it safe to say that these figs are most likely clones, or troopers ? I mean, sounds to me that the possibility of a Z-95 is not completely ruled out, which means the set could be some kind of military vehicle, and it's natural to throw in some clones or troopers. If so, then maybe, just maybe, Republic Commandos ?
  3. Bly / 327th / Bacara / Galactic Marines / AT-RT driver / Oddball. I'm once again begging Lego to make these figures, especially Bacara, Galactic Marines and AT-RT driver. It would be refreshing to have some new helmet pieces other than standard P2 one. After that, Lego can go full OT or ST and I'll never complain. Aside from clones, some random ideas : Mimban Troopers BP : Minban stormtrooper*1, regular stor trooper*1, mudtrooper*2 (new helmet mold with goggles/mask integrated) Baylan's ETA-class shuttle : HK droid*2, Shin Hati with cape, Ahsoka with poncho. I was never a fan of its Clone Wars design, but the live action version is just awesome. So much details, and somehow it reminds me of a beetle. Random Ahsoka set : anything with updated Sabine. Still don't understand why Lego didn't give her arm-printing. She looks so dim without it.
  4. Or " You were the chosen one !! ". Man, that line always breaks my heart. Day 1 buy for me. I don't have a turbo tank yet, and have been waiting for a AT-RT driver since forever. Such cool helmet / armor / color scheme. Really wish we get loads of RotS sets in 2025, kinda like 2014. Almost the entire winter wave dedicated to RotS. Various clone legions. New prints new helmet molds. Updated walkers/starfighters. Whoever responsible for that wave are worthy of recognition in the archives of the Jedi Order. Here are some of my dream sets : UCS ARC-170 : commander Oddball, captain Jag System AT-OT : commander Bly, 327th trooper*2, B1 battle droid*3 Octuptarra droid : commander Bacara, Galactic Marine*2, Super Battle droid*2 Snail Tank : AT-RT driver*1, Yoda, B1 battle droid*2 Theta class shuttle : Clone pilot*1, Palpatine, crispy Anakin, Shock trooper*2