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  1. I am almost glad Jabba's is delayed, so long as it is delayed and not cancelled. The rumored description sounded pretty lackluster and while i was tunnel visioned for a new Boushh fig, if they are gonna delay it, I hope they rework it. I would pay so much as $100 for a proper rendering of this. That being said, they need to include at least 2 more figs. The absence of Salacious B Crumb and a Gamorrean Guard was a bit strange from that rumor. Are either of the mystery sets for fall 18+? If so, it could totally be a Temple of Golden Idol sized diorama of Jabbas Palace + maybe even a Rancor Pit included, since we now know diorama series is not just confined to a small cubicle. That's probably just wishful thinking, but if they are 18+ I dont think its a 0% chance. If not, I really hope Lego drops this in 2024 especially in light of how poorly received these new 2 dioramas are.
  2. Pictures of the back of the boxes on instagram as of a few mins ago. As if you thought the Endor diorama couldn't be worse, wait til you see these. Throne room is still cool but the price is killing it. Also looks like Palpatine has no pupils too. Edit: Luke should have come with another face of him in agony or something. Him laying their getting lightening'd to death by palps like 😐 is kinda hilarious tho.
  3. yeah perhaps the indy diorama set began the ushering in of lego further cutting corners 😐
  4. I don't know if thats a legit tactic anymore... when the Rex and Cody helmets got out early, there was nothing in the back of the manual. I agree. Word on the street is that the helmet series is complete and now this will phase in as the primary 18+ selling point. I love the idea of capturing exact scenes and think there are so many possible great dioramas for years to come. with every fiber of my existence, I am holding on to hope. Ah crap. Where exactly did you see this??
  5. Maybe a bit of a longshot, but do the lightsaber hilts, especially Luke's, look chrome to anyone else?
  6. well a rumors just a rumor. would have been cool to get 5 figs for a $100 set but nah. and yeah its in the regular cut of the movie. palps goes "guards. leave us."
  7. Emperors Throne room is suprisingly cool!!! Definitely a set I will buy on sale. Endor diorama is as underwhelming as I thought it would be but still a cool build. Beyond pissed about Jabbas's being cancelled and getting only these two sets.
  8. As well as the split arm print she has in TSS.
  9. Is there any word yet for the Boba Fett mech if it will be OT or BOBF? Also, with the consistent arm prints on characters like Din, new Boba, and now new Bo, if it turns out to be an OT Boba, do we think it will include arm prints based on it becoming a bit more standard for Mandos?
  10. r/legoleak mods have loosely backed this. that's enough for it to transcend from basic rumor/speculation to something a bit more realistic in my opinion. Again, lego would be straight goofy to not throw a Rex minifig out this year but then again lego is straight goofy all the time so we will see. I am hopeful :D
  11. Has the Swamp Speeder been confirmed to have 4 minifigs?
  12. PPP is a pretty cocky one indeed so i think there will be highly desired minifigs as the main selling point, whether or not its Rex, who knows.
  13. eh sorry to single you out yours was just the first i saw
  14. This is a Lego discussion thread for upcoming sets dude.
  15. i was actually lucky enough to get the 2013 one :D sets I want the most are Jango's slave 1, death star, and a handful of the og clone wars ones
  16. This sums it up perfectly. As a 22 year old now, I'm filling the gaps of the sets and minifigures I couldn't have/get as a kid. I'm sure I'm not the only person in this boat. I don't know if Lego knows we exist as a consumer segment, but if they did, I'm sure they'd capitalize on it.
  17. This logic doesn't hold. Currently both UCS and playscale AT-ATs, Falcons, and Razor Crests on shelves now as well as X-Wing on the way. I would actually say that's pretty solid. Still merely a rumor but those mods are always right on point. That's hype!
  18. In terms of Swamp Speeder, there's nothing at all backing the Luminara+Rex rumor other than just wishful thinking atm right?
  19. I am gonna have to disagree with that for a few reasons: The Ghost in 2014 was $90 with 929 pieces. The Ghost going up to 1083 pieces and only getting an extra $10 tacked on to the price does not really align with Lego's current pricing model. Also, seeing how demanded the Ghost has been over the last few years and based on the fact that IF it did release, it would include some also highly demanded minifigures, they would put it behind a bigger price wall. I know this is no place for speculations, but I am pretty sure a Ghost will come out this year and my guess is that it will be the $150 1394 piece set. I think this could explain why Amazon rushed to snatch up exclusive rights to that set because they know how in demand whatever that set will be, like they did with the Razor Crest, which could totally be a new Ghost.
  20. Indeed it did. Im really curious to see how this stacks up against the 2013 one with the extra 400ish pieces.
  21. Does anyone think we will see a leak in the coming weeks before celebration?
  22. I get they had limited concept art, but I don't get why they didn't just wait ESPECIALLY since its coming out in August to make the mech itself more accurate, include the grievous guy, and even a cage and charge a bit more. But nothing we can change now :)
  23. Yeah I mean for me Bo Katan is the main selling point of that set, but I would much rather BL it for even like $20 then pay $50 for a silly and misrepresented set.
  24. Exactly, and once the Fang Figther v Tie Intercepter releases, my guess is that it'll be the coolest mando s3 set, no one will be looking to buy a spider mech from episode 2 in AUGUST. But yeah there have been plenty of rumors on here regarding the set that have certainly given an idea what to expect for this finale which kinda sucks but whatevr.
  25. I seriously don't understand lego's timing behind the release of all these s3 mando sets. They should have done snub fighter, spider mech, and microfighter for April 1 and the rest May 1. Especially scratching my head at the spider mech coming out in August.