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  1. Boba seems to be having the accurate skin color underneath the helmet, fingers crossed for a unique faceprint
  2. I don't know how lifebricks came to be regarded as a source of any potential information. The whole thing this guy had going for him was early access to January 2023 sets because some store had them for sale ahead of schedule. All info he provides is some clickbaity speculations based on general sentiments circulating in certain parts of the fandom or "leaks" from some alleged sources (obiously fishy, why would someone with insider knowledge go to a guy that freshly started?). All he does is racking up views to boost his channel, but in no way is he a credible source of any kind.
  3. Same here, with exception of some starfighters, as I really like to have doubles of smaller crafts or mod them to make a unique ship (bought two of the newest Red 5 X-wing's to turn one into Wedge's Red 2).
  4. 327th star corps would be ideal, but I wouldn't mind the 442nd siege battalion as a nod to the old 2005 set. Honestly I would prefer any unit that could be used universally, and not one that participated in one battle at the end of the war.
  5. Disappointed in the supposed Fox leak. Both the figure in-game and the leaked torso piece have inaccurate white on the whole upper armor part, when only the separated chest pieces should be white. I don't know what it is with TLG dropping the ball so hard with those figures. First the legs in Endor diorama, Vaughn with reused helmet and white ab armor and now this.
  6. If he really doesn't have pupils then LEGO is downgrading badly. The sith eyes we've been getting up to now were perfect
  7. The figs in the Endor diorama are extremely disappointing. Not having ponchos is one thing, but both Luke and Leia have incorrect leg colors. Luke is supposed to have his black clothes under the poncho, yet the figure on the back of the box looks like it has dark tan legs, and Leia seems to have olive green legs when the sand blue color that both previous version of her had was perfectly accurate to the trousers she wore. I was thinking of grabbing this set but honestly those strange inaccuracies really put me off.
  8. Regarding today's episode of Mando Literally created the account to clarify that, as I've seen it jumbled up here.