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  1. noodle16

    Indiana Jones 2023 - Rumors & Discussion

    They didn't have any more information than anyone else did. I'm not saying that people are dead wrong when saying the set is cancelled, but I'm sure there's still a high possibility that it's just delayed. Didn't hachiroku himself contradict the claim that LAN members know more than anyone else? It's just as ambiguous to them as it is to us.
  2. noodle16

    Indiana Jones 2023 - Rumors & Discussion

    Who said this? They specifically said that the set is cancelled?
  3. noodle16

    Indiana Jones 2023 - Rumors & Discussion

    First post on this site, hi. I just wanted to get my two cents in. I think everyone is giving Lego way too much hate for their treatment of these products. We were judging them two months early or so based on leaks that were never even supposed to see the light of day in the first place, and to top it off NO ONE has any actual idea what is happening with ToD besides Lego themselves. Leakers have been wrong and right 100 times before, and the only site that has been right most of the time, Promobricks, only knew as much as we did, that it was either canceled or delayed. Lego also made the statement regarding ToD completely ambigious on purpose, and when you compare that to their statement regarding the Osprey it was absolutely clear that the Osprey was cancelled, and they said it was cancelled. Here, they just said they "decided to optimize the launch," no more, no less. This also goes for the DoD sets as well, no one knows what is clearly happening at all. It would make perfect sense for them to hold back on releasing them or announcing them as the movie hasn't come out yet and won't be in theaters for another 4 months or so, and this is knowing that Disney and Lucasfilm want to highly guard the film's plot as this is Harrison's Ford last outing as Indiana Jones. I'm thinking that if the DoD sets ever did release, they were only taken off of retailer's lists because Lucasfilm told Lego to hold off on announcing them. We should all stop blasting Lego and just be grateful and positive for the amazing sets we did get, being negative is just bad for everyone. Also, someone contacted Lego's customer service about 77014, they said that they didn't have a release date for it yet, and when they were asked about if it was canceled, they just said they had heard nothing about cancellation. So, I'm willing to bet that Lego just delayed the release of ToD to restructure it or rework it and release it later. It would make sense why Lego said they were "consolidating" the launch. This is probably one of the only times where I think that that the general consensus on a set is wrong, I'm 90 percent sure this set is delayed. link to customer service photos