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    120,000 Piece-The Hobbit-Rivendell Moc/Idea

    That's an impressive MOC! I like the downsized version too, I just supported it. If I were to give any sort of criticism, it would be that now that it's been down-sized, some of the buildings don't have any floors/ ground beneath them.
  2. Harfo

    Hero Factory 2011

    Haha, John Flame Viper is the name of the Hero I made and ordered the day hero recon opened. I got him in the mail last Friday but lack a camera so no pics. Here's the link to his page though: John Flame Viper
  3. 10) Robot, Spartan & Space Alien Entry (Build by Dreamweb) 3 points
  4. 28) Gorilla Suit Guy Entry (Build by JaseTJ) 1 point 37) Samurai Warrior Entry (Build by TheHiddenKing) 2 points
  5. They're all great entries, it's a tough competition. 1) 11) Ninja & Karate Master Entry (Build by Cecilie) 2) 12) Diver & Surfer Entry (Build by squiz) 3) 19) Skater Boy & Spartan Entry (Build by Etzel
  6. Great work everyone, it was tough to just pick three. 1) 11) Jungle Explorer Entry (Build by Diidy) 2) 12) Spartan Entry (Build by Thor Lund) 3) 39) Spartan Entry (Build by Belun)
  7. Harfo


    If your leaving just because you don't like four smaller sets that seem to be part of a commemerative series thats just silly. We don't even know if they're a part of the main line or just some special sets like the toa haga were. To be honest I like them and if they're the less exiting sets of next year it sounds like the 2010 line is going to be sweet.
  8. Between movies, comics and online serials I think the story's covered. It's when the comics go that I'd start to worry. Besides the die hard fans not too many people bought the books. Everyone with a lego magazine subscription gets the comics, in countries that include them.
  9. Harfo

    MLN Bionicle Walk-Through!

    If you've been clicking on the desert modules that could be why. Raanu now sells the desert ambush module for one bonehunter blade. It looks identical to the desert adventure module except it wont give you anything. After it tricks five people the owner gets an iconox favor. It also has a chance to send out a mail to people on the owners friend list after clicking it to warn them. So someone on your friends list has that module and either you or someone else has clicked on it.
  10. Harfo

    MLN Bionicle Walk-Through!

    I think it may have to do with the fact that Raanu's networker page has a trade module asking for an as of yet unobtainable item to make a trophy module.
  11. Harfo

    MLN Bionicle Walk-Through!

    I've just finished making the Glatorian contract and sent it back to Raanu. I got the rank 5 badge but I don't know if thats it or if theres more since Raanu's page has a trading module asking for bone hunter blades and so far I haven't come across any way of getting them. Anyways my MLN name is Jts21 check my page out if you'd like and if you'd like to help out click on my pet water bug module.
  12. Harfo

    MLN Bionicle Walk-Through!

    No you just have to mail one thornax stew to Zesk then you will be able to befriend Vorox.
  13. Harfo

    MLN Bionicle Walk-Through!

    If anyones stuck on what to do after getting the Stinger Oath, you have to mail it to raanu. I just thought i'd point it out since it's not in the walkthrough yet.
  14. Harfo

    Mystery FREE Raffle!

    Count me in
  15. They're a business, they listen to money. Brown always sold the worst so they got rid of it. Now orange is seemingly selling out fast. Based on that It seems like brown advocates are a noisy minority.
  16. I think he meant exactly what he said. If you've ever been to bzpower the people from there tend to be so politically correct you just want to gag. They tend to care more about trying to mini-mod topics and tell people how they should have made them and in which section they belong in then the actual topic itself. They're idea of funny is randomly saying I like pies. That on top of the fact that many of them throw fits when people have a different opinion then them and they don't listen to demands like "now stop talking about this" or "don't talk about this until then" basically the place is such a drag that some of the people here are worried that they'll try bringing that here. Not to worry though they're just using this site for pictures and as soon as toyfair hits they'll be back at bzpower until we get winter 09 pics. No disrespect to any members here who are on bzpower too though, you guys just need to see things are different here than on bzpower and you'll be fine.
  17. When someone with Toa pics decides they're in the sharing kind of mood ;-) . Probably by the end of February we'll have them.
  18. Personally I'd like you to post pics. Honestly though I think people want you to post the pics before or as you comment on them. People don't want to hear about something they can't see, it frustrates them.
  19. These aren't fake, honestly do you think the admins would pull a prank on us? They got these from a secret source. On top of that people who try to pass off fakes as new sets don't have access to never before used pieces, which these sets are full of.
  20. Harfo

    Catalog 2008

    2008 has some awsome sets comming out. It looks like the bionicles ammo next year are spheres full of spiders, not somthing I ever would have predicted. anyways I found this online translator that translates czech into english if anyone has the time to translate the cataloges text. http://www.tranexp.com:2000/Translate/result.shtml
  21. These are looking cool so far I can't wait until I can see the rest. Tyranide if you do share the pictures via pm could you add me to the list o people you pm them to?