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    Hello, I'm Benoit

    Welcome Benoit, looking forward to read more about this project. Phil.
  2. A more realistic LEGO train wheel to run on DUPLO tracks: (fits only on MOC's, due to its size): LEGO train on DUPLO tracks - realistic steam locomotive wheel by phildc - Thingiverse
  3. Interested in 3D printed models and in model trains, I designed some additional DUPLO train tracks accessories for my grandchildren: - a turn table with maximum 12 tracks at 30 degrees (needs a special track with cut corners) (*) - a curved track with larger radius to make parallel curves (compatible with the standard track switch) (**) You find the printable models (STL files) on Thingiverse: (*) look for the model(s) with angular notches. A variety of tracks disposition is available: The full 12 tracks: (**) the larger radius curved track (R2)
  4. Technical remark: These wheels will only fit MOC's, as the external diameter is 32 mm, compared to the standard 24mm of LEGO and approx 28mm of DUPLO.
  5. Additional LEGO Technic wheels that run on DUPLO tracks: Additional wheels for LEGO trains on DUPLO tracks by phildc - Thingiverse
  6. Thanks for the info. Was not aware of this "coding-express-45025". Just found the marketing info, is there any technical info?
  7. Awaiting other reactions, because external diameter of these wheels is 32 mm, compared to the standard 24mm of LEGO and approx 28mm of DUPLO. I have no genuine LEGO train, so I dont know how standard trains will fit with these wheels. Custom creations will be possible, anyway. It is a "work in progress". To be continued ...
  8. Yes, we were disappointed by the completely limited number of locomotives and cars in DUPLO (influence of my grandchildren :) ). Now, we can design any in LEGO bricks, and with all the power of Technic Powered Up hub motors and sensors, if desired (there you feel the influence of the grandfather :) ). Start building ! (if necessary, open a new topic, and make a link from here)
  9. Train wheels to run LEGO build trains on DUPLO train tracks. I just designed the following prototypes to print in 3D: (the STL files are free) LEGO trains on DUPLO tracks by phildc - Thingiverse Additional wheels for LEGO trains on DUPLO tracks by phildc - Thingiverse
  10. phildc

    'Custom' custom wheels?

    Just designed 3D printable train wheels. The goal is to run LEGO build trains on DUPLO train tracks. The STL files are free: LEGO trains on DUPLO tracks by phildc - Thingiverse Additional wheels for LEGO trains on DUPLO tracks by phildc - Thingiverse
  11. Avilable as STL files at: Additional wheels for LEGO trains on DUPLO tracks by phildc - Thingiverse
  12. FYI, I designed LEGO Technic wheels to print in 3D, that would fit on DUPLO tracks. This opens the possibility to build new locomotives and cars for the DUPLO train. A first prototype is available as STL file. Additional models are in design. Ref: [WIP] Duplo Technic Train - Page 2 - LEGO Technic, Mindstorms, Model Team and Scale Modeling - Eurobricks Forums
  13. A first prototype wheel is available on Thingiverse: LEGO trains on DUPLO tracks by phildc - Thingiverse Other models are in preparation:
  14. I am currently designing a wheel that will fit on a LEGO-build locomotive, to run on DUPLO tracks. Phil.
  15. Just discovered this great book! Thanks a lot! Phil.
  16. phildc

    LEGO Powered Up info

    A more complete view of the sensors integrated in the Powered Up Hub (position, accelerometers): The Powered Up Android app is used. To test the reaction of the hub to position and movements and check the values, just paste the icons on the screen, but do NOT start the program. The position value is set to zero at start-up. The angular values are in degrees. The acceleration values ?? did not find a G value for the Z axis, e.g. Phil.
  17. phildc

    LEGO Powered Up info

    Starting the discovery of the PU system, I found it was not so easy to get information. About the "Powered Up" app, I found this complete reference: *** EDIT***: full version: *** For the 3D sensor in the hub, I draw the following And the following code in the app to check the 3D sensor values: Please feel free to reply on this post, if you have valuable info for beginners. And these basic tuto's: (in french)
  18. Amazing info. I wonder if LEGO/DUPLO are still developing their train products.
  19. Thanks for your remarks. It helped me to draw this view of the standard DUPLO track geometry: The external dimensions of the tracks are shown. For info: the DU (DUPLO unit) is 16mm, and the LEGO unit (LU) is 8mm.
  20. Thanks for the info on these two standards that I was not aware of, and the interesting thoughts.
  21. About the "one-handed" train track switches: I found the following 3D printable model (did not notice it during the last months, don't know why ): Duplo Lego model railroad Switch, by HenkK available on Thingiverse under nbr 5655276 Duplo Lego model railroad Switch by HenkK - Thingiverse First impressions after printing: - prints on a 200 x 200 printer bed - connects OK with my existing DUPLO tracks - the straight part length is 176mm (normal 1/1 is 128mm): mandatory to separate straight and curved tracks - the curved part angle is approx 40 degrees: same reason. A short curved track of 20 or 10 degrees could be useful to reach a multiple of 30 degrees. - the curved part radius is somewhat more than std. Will not match a "standard" curve. - curved ans straight portions do not fit exactly (projected length) - there is no grip on the tracks But it can be quite useful. Refer to the pictures on Thingiverse
  22. phildc


    I am a grandfather interested in 3D printing design for my grandchildren. Currently DUPLO train tracks accessories for the youngest (a full turntable and a larger curved track). Also big fan of model trains since my 6 years. You can find the printable models (STL files) on Thingiverse (check my other topic with the link to the files below): Phil.
  23. Very creative design! Congratulations. I have designed various DUPLO train track accessories (turntable, larger radius curved track), but was not happy with the limitation on rolling stock. Your project gives me another approach. Thanks!
  24. Thanks for your welcome message. As you state, one-hand switches are missing. I am already considering a design, but have no practical design up to now. Main reason is the lack of a published geometry for the DUPLO train system. I designed the "R2" based on the existing Y switch, but not considering a whole coherent system, as exists for traditional model railways (one of my other hobbies :) ). Other limitation: the parts should fit on a 200 x 200 mm building plate when printing, to allow a maximum of users to print on low-cost printers. The turnplate just fits if rotated properly. A one-hand switch could be longer than the Y model, to allow for track separation? Ideas and/or suggestions welcome! Phil.