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  1. Your idea for a Death Star 2 LEGO set based on the Battlefront 2 map sounds incredibly cool! Imagine all the intricate details and possibilities for play and display. The modular Tantive hallway and various themed sections like the gunning station and hangar control center would make for an immersive building experience.By the way, if you're into LEGO and also enjoy some outdoor fun, you might want to check out this article on why the best Super Soaker water gun is a summer must-have at It's a refreshing read that adds a fun twist to your LEGO discussions!
  2. KennTober

    [MOC] Can you guess the video game?

    Wow, your video game-themed vignettes and guessing game sound like a blast! It's awesome how the gaming world can inspire such creative projects.Speaking of gaming, I'm a big enthusiast of Counter Strike 2. The thrill of competition in CS2 always keeps me hooked. Recently, I stumbled upon a marketplace for CS2 skins, which has added a whole new layer of excitement and personalization to the game.I'm definitely intrigued to take a look at your vignettes and try my hand at guessing the titles. It's a fantastic way to combine gaming and creativity. Thanks for sharing the fun!