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  1. where do you see that chopper have back printing
  2. for me chopper is the the most interesting minifigure from all 3 ahsoka sets. If Zeb is in 100$ set then chopper would be in second place
  3. I think ahsoka sets will be revealed 23 august (ahsoka episode 1 premiere). Inquisitor scythe was revealed in same day when there was obi wan episode 1 premiere I believe.
  4. omegabadbatch

    General LEGO Star Wars Discussion and Questions

    There could be Boba from mech in another set with pouldron in next year. I dont think that lego made boba from ot only for mech. I would prefer to buy 35-100$ set with boba from ot with pouldron with rest of the minifigures instead of 16$ mech with boba without pouldron. I think next slave 1 could be from episode 2. Next year is likely because boba slave 1 is retiring this year.
  5. I have theory why lego will release coruscant gunship instead of regular gunship. There is high demand for this ship. People would buy even purple gunship now. So I think lego want to make many different gunships. Its better for lego to release first non regular gunship because less people would buy non popular gunship if regular gunship was released first. People which will buy coruscant gunship will buy standard gunship also.
  6. I think it is just a coincidence. Micro galaxy squadron released also this year plo kon jedi starfighter and aayla secura jedi interceptor and Muunilinst 10 gunship and blue green gunship but I dont know from which legions are blue and green gunships
  7. omegabadbatch

    Wishlist: Future Star Wars Sets and Minifigures

    episode 5 diorama with lando vader leia han boba fett chewbacca with quoto: it would be a honor if you join us
  8. yoda starfighter is a scam. 35$ for what? yoda dont have new prints. I would add mace windu. Republic tank is retiring with mace windu.
  9. omegabadbatch

    Wishlist: Future Star Wars Sets and Minifigures

    10-16$ inquistors scythe microfighter with inquisitor or 5 brother inquisitor or 5 brother or reva in magazine I think reva is not minifigure that cost many money to produce so atleast I would like Reva rae sloane in magazine and I think its likely
  10. he didnt posted anything yet about star wars..
  11. priceyplasticproduct instagram user leaked list with prices ( only set number and price not names) of january 2024 sets. Not star wars but on relation he said that more lists coming later. 2024 sets leaks already
  12. Im thinking about getting stormtrooper mech but I fell its a litte goofy to spend 16 $ for 1 stormtrooper .He should be on sale for 12 $ but still 12$ is many so I guess its 8 days to reveal gunship and chewbacca?