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  1. death star duel diorama and endor diorama are 180$. 10 $ less and you have yavin 4 base
  2. luke and leia have ponchos in endor diorama? or ponchos are printed?
  3. I would add brick with sticker where space battle is shown. Luke was watching this in episode 6
  4. r2d2 and c3p0 are inaccurate too in trash compactor diorama. They were not behind the trash compactor. They were on level where was millenium falcon I think.
  5. luke have legs and torso from dark trooper attack set?
  6. r2d2 and c3po are not in front of the box of thrash compactor. Royal guards may be on the back of the box of death star duel diorama.
  7. luke from death star duel could be in book for 4 euro. Beacuse on book catalog there is lego star wars book from episode 6 with unknown luke skywalker minifigure. its something like magazines in Europe
  8. I think this scene is not deleted. Im asking beacuse I was sure that they are in this set. Ive heard many times that 2 royal guards are in final duel diorama
  9. where are royal guards in throne room?
  10. last year promobricks leaked descriptions and minifigures names of every august sets on early May. link I think they are gonna do the same this year
  11. swamp speeder is on kashyyyk scene and on felucia in episode 3
  12. I will try to sell spider tank build for 25$ or less
  13. 442nd clones would be a disappointment to you?
  14. I think it could be 4+ set