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    Latest news about Lego animal moulds

    Just saw this on their IG. I'm excited if this is true, an orca would be amazing!
  2. Those are some fair points, I concede that not all the examples I gave are/were great value. I still think the lower price tiers can bring more to the table than they are sometimes given credit. The snowtrooper battle pack is definitely a good one in my opinion. I think my main gripe with the original comment was that it seems like it's always a "given" that the biggest, most expensive sets are "the best", which doesn't really require any insight or investigation. Obviously a $500 set includes more than a $50 set. I just wish more reviews would lean into the value proposition and not just whether a set is a huge, impressive display piece.
  3. I feel like I have to disagree on the second point. Lego does some awesome sets on the lower end of the price spectrum, even with Star Wars (though there are lots of great examples in the other themes too). The battle packs, despite going up to $20 (which weirdly isn't that far off the historical average, inflation-adjusted), still provide fun little builds with 4 detailed minifigs. Lego then turns around and asks for $600 for UCS sets that have the same number of figures, and still often rely on stickers or other compromises. The past couple of years have given us the Dark Trooper Attack, Obi-Wan's Starfighter, the OG 501st battle pack, the Armored Marauder, the Mandalorian Starfighter, the newer play-scale X-Wing, and the Inquisitor Scythe, etc. (all at or below $100). I know this forum gets weighted towards the heavy-duty collectors who are able/willing to spend thousands of dollars per year on the biggest releases, but I would argue a majority of general consumers are happy to see smaller sets - that they can easily afford - take up more shelf space. I don't think it does most of us any favors to continue praising Lego's most expensive sets while ignoring the real value simpler products can bring to the table.
  4. Lmao every M&R buyer's guide is the same nowadays: "This pocket-money set is insanely overpriced, but all the really expensive ones are absolute must-buys! Don't forget to use my affiliate link when you drop that next car payment on Lego, so I can pay off my new house! 😎"
  5. I see what you're saying and certainly agree with part of it. There's such a hype built up these days around buying things Day 1, I think Lego is seeing the willingness of their customer base to pay basically any amount for sets. I would really encourage people to look for good value in the Lego they buy. I'm not saying don't buy it, I'm saying wait for sales and clearance, be patient, and make comparisons between different products so you know the market. Lego does not price their sets primarily based on cost to produce, they price them based on what they think they can get. They generally decide on price points before a set is even designed. The 18+ lineup generally includes less "stuff" per dollar compared to many of the playsets, because Lego is pitching these collectors' products to people who are able/willing to pay more. I'm not defending that, I think it's crappy, but if people keep pre-ordering every Lego Star Wars set that comes in a black box for $100+, the company isn't going to bother releasing cheaper products. If nobody buys the new snub fighter because it only has 2 minifigs for $35, maybe Lego will be incentivized to add more figs in future starfighter sets (I realize this is pretty optimistic.) So as a consumer base, we have to try to vote with our wallets here. Don't let the influencers hype you up to pre-order everything through their affiliate links, just so you can have a set a few weeks or months earlier than if you'd waited for a discount.
  6. Wholly agree here, it's frustrating to see how much hype he's able to peddle despite most of his content being literal clickbait. The GWPs themselves look pretty disappointing to me. The X-wing polybag was a given, but the DS2 seems so underwhelming for that price threshold. It looks like it should be free with $70, like the recent easter basket promo that was about the same size. I'm also not impressed with these explicitly non-lego products as gifts, so the card/coin thing is a miss for me. Hopefully the x2 VIP setup is better than last year's.
  7. I'm holding out hope that we could still see some RotJ-themed sets coming in 2024. UCS Jabba's Sail Barge is heavily rumored, and it's possible the cancelled Jabba's Palace Diorama ends up coming out after all. Maybe we could also get a playset or two from Endor, like an Empire ground forces battle pack or something with regular Ewoks.
  8. Interesting, good catch. The 212th trooper is the only one JJP has listed, but the others are definitely possible.
  9. Apparently Omega will also be included, according to the same IG source (unsure if it's credible). If that's true, and it's the same figure, the reseller market will crash lmao
  10. It sounds like we're getting a 212th trooper in the advent calendar this year, alongside the leaked holiday ewok (rumors on IG, plus seemingly confirmed by JJP). I wonder what other figures it'll include? Probably the obligatory battle droid, maybe a scout trooper to oppose the Ewok? Holiday sweater Luke or Leia might make sense as well.
  11. Pleasantly surprised with the fang fighter/interceptor. I imagined it would look good but I'm legit shocked they're not trying to charge $120 for this. $100 in 2023 for two great starfighters and a fair minifig selection is astonishing lol
  12. SketchBrick

    Latest news about Lego animal moulds

    Agreed, I'm so nervous/excited to find out what the sets will include. Really hoping for some awesome polar animals :)
  13. Fang Fighter and TIE builds look solid, it's a shame the minifig selection isn't as epic as I'd hoped
  14. Knew this was too elaborate to be fake!
  15. Ah my bad, I misunderstood Foggy as having confirmed 2 of the sets. I've edited my previous comment.
  16. So we've got promobricks and jedijacpenguin saying this is happening... Is this happening?
  17. I think the set has a solid display look overall, and a lot of the details (bikes, foliage, etc.) are nice. I certainly like the figures more than some people do, but if the asking price is gonna be this high, I can't accept any corners being cut. This would be a bit pricey at $60, but $80 is just absurd.
  18. SketchBrick

    Lego VIP Add On Packs

    According to the latest r/legoleaks post, the Spring pack is rumored to be available starting April 1st (usual threshold/requirements)
  19. I feel the same way. The selection of scenes is great but we could have easily seen these both as playsets at much lower price points. Take the same figures and bikes and one tree/scenery piece, and charge $30-35. Condense the throne room to something a bit bigger/more complex than the Mandalore Duel set, include the Royal Guard figs, and charge $40-50 By the sounds of things, we won't be getting any other Endor sets this year, which leaves us with an overpriced 4+ set from last summer, and now an overpriced diorama as well. I understand some level of price increases is inevitable, but it's obvious LEGO is doing everything it can to inflate that even faster. Maybe in their minds the black base and quote tile = $30 added value, but people are really gonna need to vote with their wallets unless we want this to continue.
  20. It's a shame, because I like the look of both of these sets; would be an easy buy if they were cheaper. But lmao, if you sold these without the black bases they'd be like $40 playsets. I love Endor, but $80 for 3 figs on 2 simple bikes plus some foliage? Simply absurd pricing 😂
  21. One thing I'm thankful for is that they're using the new fern piece from Rivendell on the Endor forest floor. I can't wait until those are available en masse!
  22. Diorama set pics leaked, shared by 1414falconfan among others :)
  23. To be fair, the UCS gunship is said to retire by the end of this year, so releasing a new playscale one in September wouldn't be crazy from that perspective. I still think it's unlikely, but not because it clashes with its bigger counterpart.
  24. I do find it pretty hilarious how lifebricks spent half of his latest video criticizing people for reposting fakes (e.g. the fake UCS death star pic) and acting irresponsibly to get clicks, when the thumbnail of the video is literally that exact fake set with question marks over it in order to get clicks.
  25. Agreed, the fighter itself looks pretty decent by most standards, but this move from a $30 to a $35 price point is ridiculous if they're not going to at least include a third minifig. Last summer's Obi-Wan's Starfighter is still only $30 and includes 3 characters. The Dark Trooper attack is $35 and includes 4!