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  1. 8069,full function backhoe loader with only 609 pcs, the less the better.
  2. Simple functions don't match the high price,it is a toy although it is big. I will save that for a new digital piano.
  3. EricZhou

    [OFFICIAL] 10320 Eldorado Fortress - Available NOW

    that is true, we will pay too much money for the baseplate, all we get is a rock like baseplate.
  4. EricZhou

    [OFFICIAL] 10320 Eldorado Fortress - Available NOW

    After 31109 and 21322, i will definitely get this one. Maybe too many pieces for the plate, and the fortress is a little small, i wish to see a bigger castle. score:6/10
  5. 挺好看的,如果挑刺儿的话,就是作为巨龙,整体比例有点儿短粗了。
  6. EricZhou

    LEGO Ninjago 2023 Discussion

    I am very appreciated who can recommend a dragon set for me. Or is there a dragon set recommendation rank list . As a technic fans , I am not familiar with Ninjago sets, but I am a big fan of dragons all the time.
  7. From the video , it is a good looking working machine , very big scale, and with some improvement it will be a fantastic backhoe loader , which I have been waiting for long。
  8. EricZhou

    Favourite sets that you own

    I start play lego from January 2023 , very short time , Here is my favorite set 1.8069 backhoe loader : absolutely my favorite, a lot of fun to play, pure technic charming 2.42139 6X6 ATV : a very good technic choice, full functions with less number of pieces. 3.10305 lion knight's castle : the best castle of all time 4.21322 Pirate of Barracuda Bay : beautiful pirate ship with 2 modes 5.31109 Pirate ship : beautiful pirate ship with 3 very good modes 6.92176 Saturn V : good educational value 7.31088+31058 : very good 3 in 1 set , I can play with my 3 years old daughter
  9. As this set has no motor function, I want to know how the AR APP work, after AR calibration, what then? Very agree! Lego is expensive toy in china,this set cost 899 RMB in china,equals to 130 US dollars, I wish TLG can provide more.
  10. It is a good science and technic toy for teaching my three years old daughter, especially the six wheels steering system I have never seen. I like this kind of middle scale technic set , low pieces count but with rich functions, just like 42139.
  11. A great set indeed. Any chance it will be a motorized version?
  12. i find this: the Micro motor is even more powerful than the Medium motor, but low speed
  13. I see new 2 parts, Dockingstation , MicroMotor, so I am very curious , what will they use for...