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  1. Robinson 2nd

    [MOC] Robinsons Island 1st setup

    Here is a drawing showing what look of minifigure I am looking for. all clothes made of goatfurry. anyideas?
  2. Robinson 2nd

    [MOC] Robinsons Island 1st setup

    Thanks again guys. I have just taken it apart, to start the 2nd setup, as I need the parts out of it to start doing trialbuilds on mangroves and a small river dividing the island. when it has come to the point the new etup cantell stories, I will try to make a few photos for each bookscene included in the moc and accordingly tell the story. Any ideas would be highly appreciated: Beeing stucked on that island for quite a few years, Robinsons stock of clothing he was able to save from the wrecked ship, has reached the end of its lifetime. After Robinson was able to catch a few wild goats on the island he started seeing new clothes out of them goats coats. has anyone of you any idea what minifigure to look for that would have somesort of a furry, diy look? cheers Jan
  3. Robinson 2nd

    [MOC] Robinsons Island 1st setup

    Thanks guys. think I now got it right and proper set up. Only i can not get rid of the small pictures. Anyway… Today i scored two blue 32x32 groundplates at the local grocery store for an equal of 2 packs of gauloises, so I can move on preparing for 2nd setup…
  4. Robinson 2nd

    [MOC] Robinsons Island 1st setup

    Morning, I would like to show you guys my first MOC since ~35 years. Over the years I have build a few of the larger LEGO technic sets but it never came to my mind to start over with old washingpowder boxes of bricks. When I first saw the Ray the castaway set it was totally clear to me what to do. I have read Defoes book at least 10 times during my childhood and enjoyed it a lot. i then went to my mother in law, as i knew there should be some LEGO in her house full of vintage toys. As she had 4 children over the years and never ever threw one single piece away, I left her with quite a few pieces. As below is only a starter to get in the mood, try things and still collecting parts for a much larger full island, I named it 1st setup. It will be followed by at least one more including several small scenes from the book. I understand Robinson is not 100% pirates I still believe it will fit in here, more than somewhere else. your thoughts are very welcome cheers from northwesterngermany Jan