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  1. I trying to make an animated render for a ~200 part build, and it says it’s going to take 3+ hours, should it take that long?
  2. Are we allowed to post more than one entry? also, are we allowed to use pullback motors?
  3. Can I use a Nintendo switch controller with brickcontroller 2?
  4. I knew you would see that. yes that was a prototype that did not work, I needs some tweaking but I didn’t put a lot of work into it. I did manage to make one that worked using a 60t turntable (thinking I could get one oscillation per second on the pendulum), but I was misunderstanding how a pendulum actually worked on a clock and made it so the pendulum swinging stopped the rotation instead of being pushed by the rotation. This put pressure on the pendulum and consequently it only oscillated for a couple seconds Clockmaking takes time btw thanks for the escapement designs
  5. Maybe I’m just too ambitious, I had trouble integrating the weights into my already finished mechanism, and I had a lot o trouble trying to figure out the escapement. and I want it to run as long as possible without rewinding This is my third and best design for a simple mechanism. Time can be set without winding. Hands are arranged bottom to top: seconds, minutes, hours the two 20t 1/2 thickness gears are there because i needed a 1-1 ratio at exactly that distance, and the full thickness gears are ever so slightly too largethere is a 5-1 gearing on the back as well
  6. Thanks for everyone’s suggestions, I will look into these
  7. I’m looking into getting a 3d printer for making custom parts, but with a huge selection I don’t know what to get. What do you guys think the best quality for price option is?
  8. I’ve been working on building a clock on and off for the past couple months, I have finally got the really simple and smooth, but now I need a way to power it. I’ve tried weights unsuccessfully, and I think I have an idea for how to power it indefinitely, but it’s going to require some custom parts
  9. Are the Cada motors and batteries of good or comparable quality?
  10. I think you should check this piece out from the new Peugeot race car:
  11. I like the idea, if it could be executed properly I think it would work, at least for flat surfaces
  12. That is a neat leaf spring design, but it seems to create a lot of stress on parts not meant for that. I might try that design
  13. Dude, I really like how you made the front. I’m a big fan of integrating system and technic parts, but not very good myself