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  1. mms legobuilding

    [CSE] Classic Space LORS-3T and mini LDRC

    Appreciate Your words! I didn't know about bricksafe until now so I will surely try it out. Thanks for Your recommendation.
  2. mms legobuilding

    [CSE] Classic Space LORS-3T and mini LDRC

    I don't really feel Flickr, user experience is pushing me away from it. No posts there, at least in the nearest future.
  3. mms legobuilding

    [CSE] Classic Space LORS-3T and mini LDRC

    LORS-3T is a 3th generation of Low Orbit Reconnaissance Starfighter in a Training version developed by Mielec Shipyards for 41st Training Aviation Base. Supersonic spaceship is fitted with Single SSE 2000 engine and can carry 1x pilot in canopy 1x autonomic rover in the storage compartment under the engine or 72 m³ of cargo. Ship can fly in dense and thin atmosphere as well as in space nearby bigger space objects. This Starfighter require LDRC Class ship (Long Distance Rotary Carrier) or any different type of carrier to take missions in a further places of the galaxy. Real Model dimensions 28 x 30.4 x 8.5 (gear down)/ 6 (gear up) centimeters 35 x 38 x 10.6 (gear down)/ 7.5 (gear up) studs Model have foldable landing gear. L Ladder to get into canopy and service- station for diagnostic and refuel Inside the canopy From the left: Place for one pilot Steering wheel Radar small storage for pilot stuff radio communication device window to the cargo bay cargo bay doors Landing pads in landing position. Landing pads in operation position. Thankfully to size of technic pieces, use of 1x1 round plate achieved small difference in level of gear and rest of the ship making opening of the landing pads much more simple and playable. ROVER ASR-1 (Autonomic Surface Rover 1st gen) Since Lors is mostly patrol used ship it require from rover nothing more than gathering intel about situation on a surface of a planet, therefore rover is packed with lots of cameras and antennas (that combination sounds funny while reading) to provide as much information about situation on surface as possible. It also have solar pannel at the top to power the rover while it is in deployment. Rover fits in cargo bay, because there is plenty more space left there., however height of the rover is limited by height of landing gear. I left it that way, because it felt unnatural for me to have landing gear to tall. Mini train wheels are red to fit into classic space color scheme and they're perfect fit to use plate as a pseudo rail system. In result the rover sit pretty well on a ramp. Rover in transport position. Arms with cameras are folded. Rover with a Pilot for scale. LDRC Class ship is a interstellar carrier which function as a movable space station, have a crew of 3000 personel and can carry up to 100 smaller or 25 bigger ships with a personel of transported ships up to 1200 crew members. Vessel is powered by 2x HEDMRC engines (High Efficiency Dark Matter Rotary Converters) rotating part with an engines collect nearby dark matter and create pressure to use it as a energy to push vessel forward. Hollow parts are hangars entries. Can't wait to hear Your opinion about those models. Feel free to ask anything about them, I'll be glad to answer. Maksymilian