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    Not greener, I'd say, but green nevertheless

    I've been a fan of Playmobil and G.I. Joe for a long time, too--always wished Lego would do like Playmobil and offer extension sets to make a bigger castle. They came close with LOTR Uruk-hai set. Maybe someday?
  2. Buckshot

    Large Medieval Diorama

    So much to see! Love all the variety--well done!
  3. Very nice! Was hoping to see more Skyrim-inspired Lego creations. Might have to check out that group you mentioned--
  4. Buckshot

    [MOD] Death Star: the new and improved

    Ha! Was just thinking that someone needs to build something for the Disney purchase of Star Wars. You should make this a contest, Dr_Spock!
  5. Kudos to you for your honesty --sadly, not many people would do the same.
  6. Buckshot

    Yellow Castle & related

    Memories! The yellow castle is the set that lead me to a life of Legoness. Good to see someone else remembers this set!
  7. Buckshot

    MOC Lancre Farmhouse

    Yay for Discworld! You've included many details on a 32 X 32 base plate. Question: why is one end of the roof slanted in while the other isn't? Is that a detail from the books I didn't notice? Keep up the great work!
  8. Buckshot

    Victory - a Steampunk SHIP

    Awesome! This is one of those MOCs that makes browsing Eurobricks so much fun. Thanks for sharing!
  9. Buckshot

    MOC: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

    That is an excellent Shredder! Nicely done--
  10. Buckshot

    The Elder Bricks: Skyrim

    Dovahkiin! Good to see someone working on this. Looking forward to your finished project!
  11. Buckshot

    Trenches of Passchendaele

    Nice to see another Sabaton fan on here. Any similar plans for other songs by them?
  12. Buckshot

    GP-2 Hellfire

    There are quite a few Lego mechs out there, and this one looks the most realistic. The size is perfect for a minifig, and the cockpit details are the icing on the cake. Well done!
  13. Buckshot

    Latest updates on LEGO set sales

    The alien tripod is down to 10 USD on LSAH. Don't think they're going to last long at that price--
  14. Buckshot

    Command & Conquer MOC’s

    Nice work! Hope to see you keep going with this project. Especially like the infantry Do you have any plans to build a diorama/landscape for your armies?
  15. Buckshot

    A Bazaar place has come to EB

    Sounds like a lot of extra work for you guys (the admins), but as someone who checks the BSTF forum daily, I thank you.
  16. An excellent MOC and an educational presentation--nicely done!
  17. Buckshot

    Monster Fighters 2012

    Whoops! Double post--my apologies--
  18. Buckshot

    Monster Fighters 2012

    Picked up The Zombies at Target today, so they're available that way, too!
  19. Buckshot

    [LEGO® Convention] Rosheim-France 2012

    Great pics! Thanks for sharing--
  20. Buckshot

    [MOC] Ghost Rider

    Nicely done! Always been a fan of Ghost Rider (not the movie version, though). You've captured him well--
  21. Hehehe....yep, found 'em all. Had to do some research, though. Great idea for a Lego creation. Any other Fallout-themed ideas?
  22. Buckshot

    Greetings from a guy in Scotland

    Welcome aboard, Matty! You seem like a rather pleasant young man, and you are very correct--one is never too old for Lego! Here's a question--if someone were to visit your lovely country, what do you feel would be the best/most important place to see/visit?
  23. Buckshot

    Battle for Bimeny Road

    All righty, then! I only know of Hussars from the Empire Total War game. Did you custom make the green torso stickers?
  24. Buckshot

    Battle for Bimeny Road

    Very thorough retelling of the battle! Love the different units. Question: why did you not give the Hussars saddles? Did they not use saddles? Just curious. Overall, nice work!