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  1. CaptainDarkNStormy

    Ahoy Mateys! (New User Here)

    Steal away lol. I got the technique from the Boutique Hotel modular set and made a few tweaks. I typically use and physical bricks alongside each other during the design process. The actual bricks help me visualize better, especially in the early stages. I travel frequently for work so I'll do some work on while I'm away. I'm currently working on instructions for Forbidden Island. That's always the most tedious part. Yes and Yes. There are more photos on my Instagram and Flickr pages! I plan to do separate topics for these MOCs but first I'd like to take more (and better quality) photos. My DSLR has a problem with the shutter so I need to get that fixed and I need a better place than our kitchen countertop. Anybody got a light box recommendation? Thanks! I share your same thoughts about improving the classics with modern techniques. I plan to do more!
  2. CaptainDarkNStormy

    Ahoy Mateys! (New User Here)

    Thanks, and yes I do have such plans! I had the Trading Post too! One of my favs. Thank you!!!
  3. CaptainDarkNStormy

    Ahoy Mateys! (New User Here)

    Thank you!!!
  4. CaptainDarkNStormy

    Ahoy Mateys! (New User Here)

    Hello everyone! I’ve posted my introduction on the newbie forum but figured I’d make another one here since Pirates was the motivation for me to sign up for Eurobricks. My name is CaptainDarkNStormy and I’ve been a member on the Classic Pirates Facebook group for a bit now and love being inspired by other people’s work. I’m an avid Lego Pirates enthusiast. I got most of the original 1989 sets as a kid, and luckily I still have them. (Thanks mom!) Anyways I recently got back into Lego during the pandemic and enjoyed building the classic sets with my son. We moved into a bigger house last year that allowed me to kit out a proper Lego room. My main focus since then has been building MOCs. So far I’ve mainly taken inspiration from the original sets but I intend to start getting bolder and more creative. Below is some of my work: IMG_5194 by Chris Boyd, on Flickr Sabre Island Octagon by Chris Boyd, on Flickr Shipwreck Island 2 2 by Chris Boyd, on Flickr I look forward to contributing to this community! Cheers, CaptainDarkNStormy My Flickr My Insta
  5. CaptainDarkNStormy

    Hello Everyone!

  6. CaptainDarkNStormy

    Useful Pirate Pieces from other Themes?

    The palm species where I live (Sabal Palmetto) have trunks that resemble that eggshell piece and the dark tan should match its most perfectly!
  7. CaptainDarkNStormy

    Practise Posting Here!

    I'm testing out photo posting IMG_5194 by Chris Boyd, on Flickr One more for good luck IMG_5197 by Chris Boyd, on Flickr
  8. CaptainDarkNStormy

    Hello Everyone!

  9. CaptainDarkNStormy

    Hello Everyone!

    My name is CaptianDarkNStormy (or Chris to keep it easy) and I'm and AFOL in the USA. I had quite the Lego collection as a kid across many themes and my favorite was Pirates. I got quite a few of the original 1989 wave of sets and fortunately my parents kept them all. During the Covid Lockdown I picked up all of my old sets from their house. They were all mixed together in a huge bin but everything was there, including instructions. My son and I had such fun rebuilding them that it inspired me to start making MOCs. So far I've made a few Pirates MOCs as well as some Speed Champions style ones. (This is my favorite "new" Lego theme) I'm looking forward to sharing my work with this community. It's both fun and inspiring to see the works of others. Cheers, CaptianDarkNStormy