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  1. CaptainDarkNStormy

    Rafts, Rafts, Rafts!

    These are all some great looking rafts!
  2. CaptainDarkNStormy

    [ENTRY] Rock Island Refuge (Now Finished)

    Thank you!!! 🥰 Thanks! I really spent a lot of time on the rock work! I added that little sand bar just to have something besides water in that corner and it turned out nicer than I expected. Thank You! I had lots of gray slopes and wedges I wanted to put to good use 😂
  3. CaptainDarkNStormy

    [ENTRY] Rock Island Refuge (Now Finished)

    Update! Version 2.0 is out! I remade it more in line with my other MOCs utilizing trans blue tiles for the water. The rockwork is all SNOT built now. Other suggestions from some of yall were implemented as well. Rock Island 2.0 Rock Island 2.0 Rock Island 2.0 Rock Island 2.0
  4. CaptainDarkNStormy

    [ENTRY] Sloop Windy (Mini Set)

  5. CaptainDarkNStormy


    Main Category: The Lizard - CaptainDarkNStormy (no I’m not being a dork and voting for myself. My son made this one) Short Pork Island - Yogginton Sin Island - Marooned Marin Sabre Island 2023 - TomSkippy Rock Island Refuge Remake - CollinsAnimationStudio Mini Category: Rum Rock - Fraunces King Kahuna’s Outrigger - Kritch Skeleton Crew Remake - Jack Sassy Cannibals - Valdeoris Treasure Island - Oky This contest was so fun and I enjoyed seeing everyone else’s entries. I hope all of y’all keep building new pirate MOCs!
  6. CaptainDarkNStormy

    [ENTRY] 1795 Imperial Cannon Remake (Mini Set)

    Update! I made it out of real bricks.
  7. CaptainDarkNStormy

    [ENTRY] Rock Island Refuge (Now Finished)

    Thanks. I might have to scour Bricklink for a good used one now. This one I never had as a kid. If you want this one, I'll have instructions made and loaded onto Rebrickable by the time the contest is over. Yeah you're right about that DBG Slope. I'll have to swap it for an LBG one. Oh good call I didn't even think of using one of those. I'm not sure if I have one in white but they're cheap on Bricklink. Thanks! Yeah I should go ahead and do that. I'll look better and more consistent. Thanks! My son always swaps out minifig pieces so everything is mix and match now. I tried to keep them in line with the crew of the original set. Thanks, and if you really want to build it stay tuned to Rebrickable. Thank you so much!
  8. CaptainDarkNStormy

    [ENTRY] The Lizard

    Thanks! He learns from the best Those are brilliant ideas! Thanks, and yeah I never build anything that good as a 7yo either. He definitely used some varied vegetation for realism. He LOVES those masonry bricks though. I got a few cups from a PAB wall last year.
  9. CaptainDarkNStormy

    [MINI ENTRY] The Little Ripper

    Yes I love those too. I typically use them on my MOCs despite them not actually fitting in the cannons. Thanks, and yeah it needs a fig! Those would be great additions!
  10. CaptainDarkNStormy

    [ENTRY] The Golden Ship

    Love the comments ya'll!!!
  11. CaptainDarkNStormy

    [MINI ENTRY] The Little Ripper

    Yet another entry by my 7yo 'Lil Stormy. This little half abandoned fortification is called the Little Ripper.
  12. CaptainDarkNStormy

    [ENTRY] The Golden Ship

    This is the second entry of my 7yo son 'Lil Stormy. He's dubbed it The Golden Ship. This is a Bluecoat vessel laden with riches found in the New World.
  13. CaptainDarkNStormy

    [ENTRY] The Lizard

    I'm entering this build on behalf of my 7yo son. We'll dub him 'Lil Stormy. He has observed and helped with the creation of my Rock Island Refuge and wanted to join in the fun. He's titled this one "The Lizard" despite it not having an actual lizard. He's edgy like that lol. Anyways it's a detailed little cliffside scene of an intrepid individual in search of treasure on an unexplored isle. Many dangers abound both on land and in the sea.
  14. CaptainDarkNStormy

    [ENTRY] Rock Island Refuge (Now Finished)

    Yeah my wife suggested the crow's nest so the rope ladders and top bridge had a "destination" for the pirates to reach. I'm glad she thought of that. Now that I've had a few days to digest what I built, I kind of agree with the rest of your critique. My original thought was to leave some blank areas to have places for mini figs to be positioned or played with, as this is supposed to resemble a proper set and not a pure MOC. After looking at it though it does have an empty feel. Same thing with the greenery. I felt like it looked more lush in person than in the photos.
  15. CaptainDarkNStormy

    [ENTRY] The Hurricane

    Love it!