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  1. Depalase

    Check out my 7777 Idea Book layout!

    I would love to tour this house with a collection like this, I'm looking forward to having a whole town there with schools, hospitals, and so on. I am impressed by the perseverance with which this collection was assembled, it can be used as an example in an essay of the type of work from that was a reference for me in my writing. Someone already had a house like this as I recall and it was in the Guinness record but what happened to it now I have no idea.
  2. Depalase

    REVIEW: 41714 Andrea's Theatre School

    It looks pretty good so far, and I'll have to buy myself a set to try it out. Although the subject of theater is not that close to my heart, I remember high school well, especially math, which I have been finishing learning from the textbook at for a better understanding of the subject. The theater itself I rarely visited, but I think that this model is more interesting and diverse for the consumer.
  3. This is the type of test when it is just a test