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  1. hahaman_in_the_dark

    [MOC] Pirates Battleship

    Thank you. I'm still working on the project after that. For now, I'm looking for other alternatives that are available for 31109.
  2. hahaman_in_the_dark

    [MOC] Pirates Battleship

    Last year, I went to Legoland for my son's birthday and bought 31109, so I started playing Lego. I especially liked the pirate ship series in the past, so I tried to soothe the disappointment of 31109, but eventually I started MOC. It was my first time using the studio program, so there was some trial and error, but I somehow completed it. First, the rendering image. I wanted to expand it using only 31109 x 2 parts as much as I could, but there were some parts that were a little disappointing, so I added one 40515 (Pirate and Treasure VIP Add-on Pack). Chains and ropes are a little difficult to express in the program, so I replace them with real photos. The length of the hull was naturally longer, and the height of the hull, which is the core, was raised to the level of the imperial flagship. In fact, I looked for other MOCs because I wanted to raise the hull, but I couldn't find anything I liked, so I started this project, so I was most concerned about it. It's the deck. I wanted to put the lid on it, but I gave up because I didn't have the right parts. A shark is attached to the bow of the ship. I borrowed the pulley included in the pirate inn, which is one of the 3-in-1 assembly options. You can also make mini-boats (see the island of skull) and small treasure islands as spare parts. I also made and attached small cages that put things like prisoners in the rear. The captain's room has also been enlarged, so the captain's head is not getting stuck. The accordion held by the pirate in the back also referred to the pirate inn. The goal was to minimize parts outside of the creator pirate ship and make the most of the existing 31109 box elements. As a result, in addition to the newly introduced elements (size of ship and captain's room, cage), pirate ship sharks, inn watchtowers, inn pulleys, inn accordion, and skeleton island mini-boats are designed to be seen in one model. More details and instruction are available at the link below. Rebrickable Pirates Battleship Thank you for read this long text.