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  1. Matthias83

    Question to Pit stops (Moc or Set)

    I really say thank you. That information helps a lot! Thank you!
  2. Matthias83

    Question to Pit stops (Moc or Set)

    Hello, maybe this time someone can also help. Short question to this Scenario: On this wonderful Racing track there are some nice Pit Stops on the right side. Are they Mocs or exists some regular sets were they are included? Cause the Award ceremony in the north is from the Set 8672 I belive. So maybe the Pit Stops are also from Set. Any help is welcome!
  3. Matthias83

    Buildings in Lego City street layout

    I really say thank you for all your help!
  4. Matthias83

    Buildings in Lego City street layout

    Hello, Can someone help me fnding some Lego buildings. I found this wonderful Lego City street layout. Does anyone know, are the buildings on the left MOCs or are the normal Lego Sets? Thanks for every information.
  5. Hello, I love the the 6979 Interstellar Starfighter and the 6977 Insectoids and I want to create an showcase for my working desk for each of them. Does anyone have an idea what kind of background could be used? I am searching something like they used for the Galaxy Explorer Does anyone have some ideas or even does someone also love the 6979 or 6977 and created a showcase or diorma of it? Any ideas or input welcome. Thanks, Matthias
  6. Not really. I am looking for a Diorama of this Scenario. Someone how built this with bricks....
  7. Hello, I would have a short question. Does anyone know a Diorama/Moc based on the old the Monarchs Black Castle? I mean not only the Castle mainly the surounding things built around. So maybe a Diorama of Black Monach Knights vs Forestmen or so. Like they did it in the Example1 or Example2. Or same question: Does a Diorama exist were someone tried to built up the catalog scenarios? I did search a lot, but dindnt find anything. An input is helpful, Thanks, Matthias
  8. Hello, I did have one question. Does anybody knows a MOC of a moonbase built around or with the MonoRail 6991? Here is a picture of the Monorail that I mean. I am wondering, cause I did just found mainly some moonbase/space station MOCs were the old/white MonoRail (6990) is included. So does somebody knows a moonbase/Spacebase MOC were the MonoRail 6991 is included? Thanks, Matthias
  9. Matthias83

    Looking for sunken pirate ship with Coral reef (Moc)

    Thats my big problem. I did forgot were I saw it. I strongly belive it was on a Youtube Video...
  10. Hello everyone, maybe someone can help me. because I have a very specific question: I did saw some days ago a wonderful sunken pirate ship MOC. It was created in that one half, that one side was over the water, the other half was underwater and a coral reef was created around the sunken half. (It may be the Barracuda Ship in my mind) And I belive there was also built a shark, that was moving in a circle around in the coral reef. So it was motorized. Unfortunealy I did not make a picture/did not create a bookmark, but I am to 99% sure that I saw it on a youtube video, but maybe on pinterest, but (as I have the movement in mind), it should be YT. Maybe it was on a video of a exhibition. So maybe, if someone knows what I mean, can help me to finfd it again: Sunken pirate ship with Coral reef and a moving shark. Of course the Moc did look awesome.. Thanks for every input, Matthias
  11. Matthias83

    Looking Pirate village/area Moc

    Hello, maybe someone can help me. Does anybody know a "Pirate Village" MOC? I mean a MOC/Diorama of a village or some Pirate Areas which are connected? The only "big Pirate Village" what I found was on this MOC: at 3:45 or see Picture cut. Or, what I belive, Pirates Mocs are mainly one Islands, like a pirate hideout, not "villages". Here I found many Mocs, but not other Pirates Areas/villages. Maybe someone can help me, Thanks, Matthias
  12. Matthias83

    Looking for MOC Pirates vs Soldiers/Imperial

    Ok thanks, but I am still a bit perplexed, cause I thought it was the main theme of all the Lego Pirates. Back in the main catalog (1990 or so) it was ever the fight/attack of the Pirates on the Imperial navy Fortress. Even in the actual Wiki there is a picture of a Diorama, were the Red Baracuda Ships attacks the Fortress. Really interessting that there exists non of such MOCs... But thanks for looking and thinking about it, Matthias
  13. Hello, Maybe someone can help me here. Does anyone know a MOC where a (big) battle between pirates and soldiers is shown? I also mean consistently a larger Moc, I've been looking for a long time, also on Pinterest and Youtube. I only found 2 Mocs, but both are not really what I mean: -1x Pirate Battle (but it's more like Pirate vs Pirate fighting) -1x Pirates vs Imperial Fort Battle Attack (however, where there is only a large self-made Imperial Fort, not even a pirate ship in front of it?) Anyone know any Battle Moc, with pirates vs imperial/soldiers? Thank you, Matthias