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  1. WOW. This is so awesome. The bodywork you have done with it is unbelievable. Very good shaping. And this is an alternate build. Congrats.
  2. Thank you so much :) I'm glad you like it.
  3. Dear Everyone, Please welcome my newest MOC in my "12 studs car series". I've tried to recreate the Iconic Impala '67 from the TV Series called Supernatural. That was one of my longest designing procedures. But at the end i'm happy how it turned out. The whole front end was the most tricky section to find acceptable way to build in this size. Maybe this is the 10th version and i found it the best looking one. The wheels looks a bit big for this scale but didn't find better looking size in the actual LEGO palett. 1967 Impala (Supernatural) by Szunyogh Balázs, on Flickr 1967 Impala (Supernatural) by Szunyogh Balázs, on Flickr The model contains detailed drivetrain as i did similar details with my Mocs I've posted earlier. It's not everyones taste i know but i'm really enjoying to work on those details. 1967 Impala (Supernatural) by Szunyogh Balázs, on Flickr 1967 Impala (Supernatural) by Szunyogh Balázs, on Flickr All doors and the Trunk and the hood are openable. However you can open the rear ones just after the front doors are opened. 1967 Impala (Supernatural) by Szunyogh Balázs, on Flickr You can add searchlights optionally too. 1967 Impala (Supernatural) by Szunyogh Balázs, on Flickr 1967 Impala (Supernatural) by Szunyogh Balázs, on Flickr 1967 Impala (Supernatural) by Szunyogh Balázs, on Flickr 1967 Impala (Supernatural) by Szunyogh Balázs, on Flickr
  4. gnat_bricks

    Lego CAR animations

    Thanks, Yeah there are a lot of space to improve... :) BTW I didn'T add smoke because it's an inroom scene.
  5. Dear Everyone, I hope that it's allowed here and that's the rgiht main topic to post. I've started a new YT channel where i share 3d animations to show brick built cars. Basically the idea is to collect some cars from different designers and make short animations with the cars in action. I'm not an expert in in Blender but i'm trying to learn this software deeper and hopefully i can improve my skills continuosly. I'm really happy because i've found some good designers to participate in this project. They were all friendly and open to cooperate with me. I'm so thankful to them as they have given their 3d models to me to make these movies. And they have accepted the fact that i'm just a hobby animator with limited knowledge and time. LOL In long term i hope this channel will be a goood place to advertise MOCs. I know it's a lot of work and time but hopefully it will works and the channel will grow gradually. I'm bringing the models from studio to Belnder directly as collada format. At the beginning i've tried to use some materails from the web but now i'm using my own. it's interesting that sometimes the cars seems real with inroom lighting method but it's hard thing to reach the same result with outdoor scenes. Well i'm working with CAD softwares in my workplace but this is a way different world. The materials and the lighting are giving me headache sometimes.. :) And the sounds... Oh that sound effects. Now this is an other thing where i have ti find better way to go forward. So please welcome an animation i've made a while ago: This is my Shelby GT500 MOC btw. I've made some videos before asking others to give me their models. LOL I know the movement of the car looks wierd sometimes but please focus on the rest. :) I accept critics and tips :)
  6. Thank You so much :) I think i wont have time for the Cuda before 2024. But hopefully a new MOC can come in the coming weeks. :)
  7. Dear Everyone, Please welcome my 12 studs wide Dodge Challenger MOC. It has similar details like my same size Charger MOC. I was working on them parallel just finished the instructuins for this one a bit later. I've spent maybe 4 weeks to make the digital designs for these cars. The Challenger and the Cuda are my all time favourite US cars so i'm sure the Cuda will come soon also. I'm really happy how it turned out at the end. Challenger 12 Studs by Szunyogh Balázs, on Flickr Challenger 12 Studs by Szunyogh Balázs, on Flickr The building process starts with the engine what is a standalone unit. Challenger 12 Studs by Szunyogh Balázs, on Flickr I've tried to recrate the full drivetrain with the limitations coming from the size. Challenger 12 Studs by Szunyogh Balázs, on Flickr My favourite features are the brakes LOL Challenger 12 Studs by Szunyogh Balázs, on Flickr Challenger 12 Studs by Szunyogh Balázs, on Flickr Hope you like it. Cheers :)
  8. Thank you so much! I've made a 3rd one in this scale. I will try to post it tomorow. I hope you will like it also. Thanks again :)
  9. WOW , I'm not a Technic guy but this is truly awesome. Congrats! Really loved the rotary engine.
  10. Yeah... I've seen this MOC before. I really liked how you mixed the technic and system parts. And of course i see the dimensions are correct. Awesome MOC! Ok will give an other chance to my Charger te get a bit longer rear end. :) LOL
  11. You are right that the rear end is not long enough. I'have used the blueprints of the original car and also made some calculations in excel to get the correct dimensions for the ratio i have used. So the correct lenght could be half stud longer than the current solution. I've made the model 1 stud longer at first but it was looking wird to me. So tried it one stud shorter and i was liking this look a bit better. Parallel the thickness (i hope that's the right word) of the body is not perfect at the rear section and it makes it optically shorter also. So yeah it's not perfect... Maybe in bigger size it could be better. Thanks for your comment. Yeah the bars for the A pillars maybe not the best solution but i didn't find any windscreen element in the LEGO palette what could represent the shape properly. The stability of the model is not an easy question as it's depending on our personal requirements. For me the roof is the only problematic point as there is no windscreen and i can not join the front side of the roof to anywhere. If you push it down then it will fall off. But I think the rest of the model is rigid enough.