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  1. I didn't understand if the part also applies to it. Thank you for your information. I'll correct it.
  2. trabidoni

    HELP! ! !

    I understand! Thank you so much for your help!
  3. Excuse me. Could you share the parts of the studio? I want to study how it is used.
  4. Hello! everyone. My creative friends and I rented a studio together last September and played with the train. All trains are me or their MOC. We usually like trains in my country, so they are all collections of train MOCs in Korea. We usually have a small house, so we sometimes get together like this to rent a large place and have a meeting to drive a train. The train for this meeting was prepared by two train moc creator.
  5. trabidoni

    HELP! ! !

    Yes, I understand. Is it right to reduce the size of the image in that hosting? Is it different from what I understand? This image is very big, is it okay? Is it right to reduce the size in BB code? Or does it matter? http://KakaoTalk_20220927_160330713 by mandro mo, Flickr에서
  6. http://sincansen by Dong hyuck KIM, Flickr에서http://sincansen by Dong hyuck KIM, Flickr에서 ok i understand!
  7. trabidoni

    HELP! ! !

    Hello. I need help with the image insertion. In the site instructions, I saw the rule to reduce the size to small in the link hosting of the image. However, most recent MOC posts have a large image. What method does this use?
  8. trabidoni


    Hello, everyone! I don't know much about train products and trains! I was introduced to the train by my creative friends, and I was fascinated by the heavy and magnificent look of the train! I want to share and study various ways to access train information. I want to show you my creations soon! Thank you!
  9. trabidoni

    Hello world!

    Hi! I'm a Korean Lego creator! I am interested in various fields except animals and figures. I like to assemble but not combine. My creative skills are not good enough, but I hope we can have a fun and informative conversation! I usually like to design in 3D. Because Lego is very expensive, there are few creations that actually complete. I often use a translator. If I use the wrong sentence, I'm sorry. Please tell me. Below is my creation! Thank you for watching my post!
  10. [url=][img=][/url][url=]house[/url] by [url=]Dong hyuck KIM[/url], Flickr에서