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  1. More pictures here:
  2. For my entry for the Dynamic Action Contest, I decided to build a vignette loosely based on the Battle of New York from the first Avengers movie where the Earth's Mightiest Heroes are fighting the Chitauri army in the streets of New York City. I tried to use as many different effects as possible, from smoke and fire to water and energy effects, along with some dynamic posing and motion blur to really create a sense of action. On the ground level, Hulk has smashed a Chitauri soldier so hard into the ground that it created a dent in the pavement and caused a nearby fire hydrant to erupt. Here is a better view of the crater without the figs. I used the "round plates on a net" technique to create the distortion. On the first floor, Hawkeye is shooting a Chitauri soldier below while in mid-air and Black Widow is kicking one through a window. On the second floor, Iron Man is blasting a Chitauri chariot that is bursting through the building while a beloved comic book creator is sticking his head out of the window to complain about the noise. On the roof, Captain America is taking out a Chitauri general with a throw of his shield while Thor is charging up for a lightning attack. I hope you like it and will give it a vote once the voting starts.
  3. Nice entry. I was thinking about doing this scene as well, but couldn’t find a good way to fit such an epic scene into a 12x12 space. You did a fairly good job at it and I like how everything seems to be moving. Good luck!
  4. Ha! Fun idea for an entry. Way to make the best of what you got, and having fun is what these contests are all about. Not sure if it counts as a scene from the movies, but that’s up to the judges to decide. I think you can take it further though. It would be even funnier and more 3-dimensional if you added a confused/disgusted janitor about to pick up the hand. Also, why not add some greebled walls as well?
  5. Oky

    May the 4th Contest - 2022

    Makes sense, thanks! Good question indeed. The U-Wing really pushed the limits of how big an alphabet fighter could be. That thing was a whole gunship! Seems fair to limit it to 2 pilots and an astromech though.
  6. Oky

    May the 4th Contest - 2022

    Begun it has! And what great prizes! The themes aren’t as unique as last year, but that just makes this feel like a classic contest. Definitely gonna try to enter a few of these categories. Grand Admiral Oky would have a nice ring to it. One question: Can the minifigures be of made-up characters? Also, do brick-built droids count?
  7. So… Where are the details? Has the contest been postponed?
  8. Might be a bit late to give feedback on this, but here is my thoughts: I think it might be better to have a small category along with a large one, like a small speeder, droid or vignette. This might make the contest more accessible for people who don’t have enough time or bricks to build an entire ship or scene like in last year’s contest.
  9. Oky

    Everything Star Wars [SPOILERS]

    There is none and probably won’t be any: https://twinfinite.net/2022/04/are-there-custom-characters-lego-star-wars-the-skywalker-saga/ One of the reasons I have no interest in this game. It feels like these LEGO games are getting progressively less “Lego”. That along with the fact that the only major addition here is the sequel trilogy and character packs that you have to pay extra for makes me much rather just replay the old games that had character creation and all the characters included from the trilogies that people actually care about. I hope if they ever do another game it will be about The Mandalorian or all the Disney+ shows. Lots of potential there given that those shows are essentially “Sidequest: The TV show”.
  10. That’s the same brick that came in the Haunted House and is still available under the new Pick a Brick. https://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page?P=2454pb153&idColor=2#T=C&C=2 But yeah, love that googly-eyed mini Sphinx.
  11. Oky

    Star Wars

    Man, so much negativity in this thread. I'm with @zoth33. The trailer looks pretty good, although I have to admit that the use of my two favorite Star Wars scores may be swaying my opinion, even though they feel almost too epic for a series like this. Sure, having the Empire find out about Kenobi or even Luke being on Tatooine could mess with canon quite a bit, but they might have a good explanation for that. Maybe the reason Kenobi goes off-world is to lead the Inquisitors away from Luke. And while having the Inquisitors from Rebels whose fates we already know might take away some of the tension, it also means that Obi-Wan won't do anything too crazy/risky like killing an Inquisitor. Heck, he might not even meet Vader and we will only see Anakin in flashbacks. I for one am just happy for more Ewan McGregor as Obi-Wan and will keep an open mind by not judging an entire series based on one short trailer. I do hope that they don't ruin Obi-Wan like they did with Boba though.
  12. Ha! That’s the perfect way to display the Muppets! Although you’re right that it doesn’t look very stable. Your scaffolding idea is not bad, but what would make it even more stable is if you used some Technic beams or SNOT in the back to connect the top and bottom. Nice design, especially that brilliant book technique you mentioned!
  13. Oky

    Star Wars

    Maybe you'll forgive him once you realize that Dak was already dead at that point. His controls blew up in his face, remember? There was nothing Luke could do and he would have been crushed if he had stayed any second longer. Although, if you ask Disney, they'll probably tell you that Dak was just very sleepy and was fine afterwards somehow.
  14. Oky

    Star Wars

    No, it's not just you. I'm sure fans have been complaining about discussing this since the movie's release. I think the idea is that it was meant to seem easy, but not actually be easy. Sure, it had large reactor shafts instead of the thermal exhaust port, but they were supposed to be inaccessible due to the shield generator, and the Falcon barely made it out after they did destroy the reactor. The Empire leaked the location of the DS2 to the Bothans in order to lure the rebels into the infamous trap and trick them into thinking it was incomplete. Supposedly, they used more efficient methods in constructing it, and according to Legends, already started working on the improved superlaser before the Battle of Yavin, although I'm not sure if that's still canon. But yeah, I agree that they built it miraculously fast. So in short, the Empire once again underestimated the rebels, thought they could take them on with a rushed DS and failed miserably. While the Bothan story is probably not as interesting, considering that Rogue One is easily the best of the Disney Wars movies, I'd actually be curious to see their tale told on screen one day.
  15. Oky

    [MOC] Mono Jet 2.0

    Thanks everyone! Yes, that was the biggest challenge in designing this. To be honest, it's still a bit heavier on the engine side, perhaps because I scaled up the driver side only by about 50% rather than 100%, but it still stands fine.