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    I am O-ky, English-German relations
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    Disney Train

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    Lego (Duh!), Star Wars, Robots, Sci-Fi, Animation, Cartoons, PIXAR, DreamWorks, Filmmaking, Special Effects, Video Editing, Comics (European), Drawing, etc.


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About Me

Hi. My real name is Okay. You probably don't want to hear my whole life story, so I'm gonna keep this short. I am a young motion graphics artist who graduated from the Art Institute of California - Orange County (which has since shuttered its doors). My parents are Turkish. I was born in Berlin and moved to the States with my parents and little sister in 2005. Therefore, I can speak 3 different languages. Aside from Lego, I'm also obsessed with cartoons. I am a huge PIXAR fan, hence my obsession with the Toy Story sets. Obviously, I'm a fan of the Star Wars saga too, including the prequels, but excluding the sequels. Those are trash, sorry. :tongue: I am also a fan of Harry Potter, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Super Heroes, TMNT. My favorite color is lime green. My favorite animals are cats and frogs. One of my favorite quotes is Randal's comment on the Lord of the Rings trilogy in the movie Clerks 2: "Alright, look, there's only one Return, OK, and it ain't of the King, it's of the Jedi!" I like it because I completely agree with his view on LOTR and Star Wars.

I have been a Lego fan as long as I can remember and never really had a "dark age". My current projects include making licensed theme MOCs, shooting single-pane funnies, and writing set reviews.

That's me in a nutshell. If you want to know more, simply send me a PM. OkyWanKenobiNormal1.png

My latest creations:


My Reviews:


My Toy Story Reviews:

7590 Woody and Buzz to the Rescue

7591 Construct-A-Zurg

7592 Construct-A-Buzz

7593 Buzz's Star Command Spaceship

7594 Woody's Round-up

7595 Army Men on Patrol

7789 Lotso's Dump Truck

7596 Trash Compactor Escape

7597 Western Train Chase

7598 Pizza Planet Truck Rescue

7599 Garbage Truck Getaway

30070 Alien Space Ship

30071 Army Jeep

30072 Woody's Camp Out

30073 Buzz's Mini Ship

Toy Story Accessories

Toy Story Alarm Clocks

Past Mafia Game Characters:

Brandon Townsend, a dead, impartial student in the Hogwarts Mafia game.


Mr. Freeze, a criminal in Gotham City Mafia.