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  1. Podunk

    [MOC] Caribbean Town

    Thanks for the help everyone! I'll try looking into different ways of getting better image quality
  2. Podunk

    [MOC] Caribbean Town

    here's a bard, wooing a fair maiden, much to the chagrin of her husband!
  3. Podunk

    [MOC] Caribbean Town

    Ahoy there! Here, I be posting' me first MOC! It be a build of a town jus' like me very own! *cough cough* sorry, that's better. Must've been those hardtacks I had for lunch It's a small MOC, and the pictures are grainy (owing to my pathetic phone camera), but I HOPE to UPGRADE my SKILLS soon - in both MOC-ing and photography! here's the front, overall view. and here's the back!
  4. Podunk

    What's up! I'm Podunk

    Thanks for the welcome! I'd love a big huge (overpriced) 18+ USS Enterprise one day (TNG or TOS) but alas it may never happen..
  5. I'm from Ireland, and I love LEGO. A lot. I'll probably upload a lot of MOCs if I remember ;p I guess my main interests when it comes to LEGO are Castle, Pirates, Star Wars, and general sci-fi, though I like making figures and MOCs of properties LEGO hasn't gotten to yet (eg. Final Fantasy, Zelda, Star Trek, Cowboy Bebop etc.) Curious about my name? The story behind it is a very long, silly story. Years ago, some buddies and I made an Instagram to parody some sort of deep-south church, named "podunk_county_church_official" (the account is still up and still uploads), and once the joke died, the name just stuck to everything I did online! I hope to have loads of fun, Fun, FUN here!