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  1. Hello everyone, In the IT company Kopa d. d. in Slovenj Gradec, Slovenia, we would like to put to work and buy a Lego mock-up (model) of a production (for example in the factory). We imagine the size of the model to be: 1,5 m (length), 0,5 m (width). We also have a sketch, how it should look like, but the file is too big, so we can't upload it (if interested, I can send it). If interested for making that model for us, please let us also know what would be the price for a model like that, because we don't know what is the cost for this kind of model, we would like to get an offer. Thank you!
  2. Thank you very much for your help.
  3. Thank you very much, I will try to contact them!
  4. Hi, thank you, I didn't read the rules before, sorry. Can you maybe help me with the problem? Or maybe do you know, who to contact about this - because as a new member, I can't post in the Buy, Sell, Trade and Finds (which I think it would be the most suitable forum for our problem) .. Thank you for your help.