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  1. Derlin's Home by Legonardo Temple of Enno c by Fianat
  2. Has to be 10179. I was still in my dark ages when I saw it, and despite being impressed at the time I thought the £340 price tag was insane.
  3. AFOLCON & The LEGOShow

    AFOLCON was brilliant. Great people, amazing seminars, a kilo of LEGO and some awesome displays. What better way to spend a couple of weekdays?
  4. Future LotR and Hobbit sets

    I'd like to see some Hobbiton sets (not just 'Gandalf Arrives'). Bag End would make a great start.
  5. Winter Village Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Taking further inspiration from MMV, I think a Winter Village Market would have a lot of potential.
  6. 2012 LEGO CREATOR Rumours and Discussion

    6912 appears to be a variant on the Street Speeder (6743), but having the same dimensions will also be compatible with Highway Transport (6753) so it will be nice to have a blue car for that. It's likely to require some slight modding to accommodate a fourth car though.