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  1. I wasn't going to get Mario at all but Luigi sucked me in. And now I have Mario and Luigi and you can get the little vacuum attachment for them. Circle of life or, I dunno, Something. Now please Darkdragon, stop hurting me.
  2. Tohst

    Blood in the Grass: Conclusion

    Thanks for the game, DD. And thanks to the other players. As usual, all my instincts were incorrect but it was a good time. I will agree we need more emojis. Just tons and tons of emojis.
  3. Tohst

    Blood In The Grass: Sign-up

    Thanks! I love that weekend because of the people that come. And if I focus on the kids a bit more its only because they are more my maturity level.
  4. Tohst

    Blood In The Grass: Sign-up

    What is the temperament of a Dragon? Mean Spirited and Bad tempered. Who rules the forest? Master Blaster! Roll for initiative. I rolled a 12...on a D100
  5. Tohst

    LEGO Sci-Fi 2020 - Rumors, Speculation, and Discussion

    I'm a big believer they could just do a running change to Benny's Space squad to include Benny, a red suit, a black suit, and a new color (orange now?) and they would again sell like hotcakes. But I'm also a big believer that Benny should have had a shiny new insignia on his back so people who wanted to could just pop the arms out and reverse them so take my beliefs as you will. -Tohst
  6. Tohst

    LEGO Sci-Fi 2020 - Rumors, Speculation, and Discussion

    So you're saying lime green is next? -Tohst
  7. Okay, anybody try to do trans-dark blue and have any hints? -Tohst
  8. The Speed Champions line has been a breath of fresh air from Lego for me. Small, impeccably designed sets that were a joy to build and play with. But....But....I am a space head at heart. And I kept saying why doesn't Lego make space sets like these. And then I'd say something about how it is Lego and they don't need to do squat. I can do it. So, MOC 1 of the Space Champions line combines: with to get the Xenon X2-Craft. Look at how happy he looks with his Space Champion upgrade. Maybe by the time I get to MOC 2 of this theme I'll figure out a way to photograph it so it looks good. It is much better in person and very very swooshible. A few more pictures are there on Flickr. Anyway, I hope you like it. Comments, even negative ones, are always appreciated. -Tohst
  9. I'd be tempted by Poncho Luke if he was also Floppy Hat Luke. -Tohst
  10. Thank you for this. I tried this out using a stocking suspended from a skewer so the pieces were protected. The trans-clear pieces worked great. The trans dark clear.....not so much. The color was terrible and well, you can see for yourself. A process that made trans clear look trans yellow make trans dark clear warp. Also, I tried a bohrok canopy that is molded in two colors and used tape to tape over as much of the blue as I could. The results were, ummmm, less than satisfactory but there were areas the tape protected so I'm thinking of trying again with something like liquid bandage over the blue areas. -Tohst
  11. Tohst

    [MOC] - Lenny's Classic Space Rover

    That is pretty great. It looks like it could be a set from back in the day but with a few touches that make it better than what Lego itself would have developed. Like the red disks on the tires. Lego wouldn't have thought anyone was nostalgic for red hubbed tires but they would have been wrong. -Tohst
  12. And I didn't realize how much I wanted a classic space guy in orange until I looked at the pink suited guy through the trans-yellow Spaceship Spaceship SPACESHIP canopy. -Tohst
  13. And so happy the new 'old' space helmets can easily be distinguished from the originals thanks to the large mold divot on top. I mean, they look great but nobody is going to try to pass them off as an original with that obvious change. But why, oh why, couldn't they have given us light bley air tanks for the front of the buggy? -Tohst who with that statement is not looking a gift horse in the mouth so as complaining the horse has only been brushing and flossing but not using a water pik.
  14. I thought that's what turmeric was for. -Tohst
  15. Tohst

    MOC: The Yellow Castle

    Nice build! Did you base any of the features directly on the castles you were using for inspiration? I'm thinking less like the gatehouse and more like the window decorations. Tohst