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  1. And I didn't realize how much I wanted a classic space guy in orange until I looked at the pink suited guy through the trans-yellow Spaceship Spaceship SPACESHIP canopy. -Tohst
  2. And so happy the new 'old' space helmets can easily be distinguished from the originals thanks to the large mold divot on top. I mean, they look great but nobody is going to try to pass them off as an original with that obvious change. But why, oh why, couldn't they have given us light bley air tanks for the front of the buggy? -Tohst who with that statement is not looking a gift horse in the mouth so as complaining the horse has only been brushing and flossing but not using a water pik.
  3. I thought that's what turmeric was for. -Tohst
  4. Tohst

    MOC: The Yellow Castle

    Nice build! Did you base any of the features directly on the castles you were using for inspiration? I'm thinking less like the gatehouse and more like the window decorations. Tohst
  5. Tohst

    Nexo Knights 2016

    Now this is the most interesting thing to me so far in this thread. What are the homages to the 1978 castle in the Chima Lion Castle? and in a futile attempt to make it on topic, what can we deduce about the new Nexo sets and possible homages in them from this information? -Tohst. Really I tried.
  6. Those MOCs are very nice. I had two of the space Tente sets and I thought the pieces were awful. Just very light and brittle. But until Blacktron came around it gave me a 'bad guy' to go against the Classic Space Corps. Looking at some of the other sets I see at least one Tente piece that was copied almost exactly by Kreo. The white piece in this picture looks very much like one of the Kreo pieces I thought was an original. I guess they were, ummmm, inspired by more than just Lego. -Tohst --edited to fix the link....hopefully
  7. Tohst

    Easter Island

    That is really nice work. It is inspiring. -Tohst
  8. Tohst

    Ninjago 2015

    This is very helpful. Thanks for taking the time to put it together. -Tohst
  9. Tohst

    Jurassic World 2015 Rumors & Discussion

    Brontosaurus is totally a real dinosaur. Your inner 7 year old can rejoice! http://blogs.discove...k/#.VTbHuyFVhBc -Tohst
  10. One can never have too many Jawas or droids. Thanks so much! -Tohst
  11. You may mistake this as my son's entry as he wants a Baymax toy. But its really my wish for some downtime with my son and family this season. We had a great time at the movie and I like the thought of relaxing atop a floating wind turbine (which do exist in real life). -Tohst
  12. And I was wondering what would happen if Adam actually was the scum killer. He tries to kill me. I try to kill him. It was a low percentage option given how sure I was by day 4 Adam was loyal but I thought about it.
  13. Thanks Bob. This was a lot of fun. I may be partially responsible for just how much carnage there was. A responsible vigilante would probably try to do a better job identifying scum rather than just going with whoever was 2nd place on my suspected scum list for the day. But losing our blocker on night 1 and our investigator on night 2...ouch. Did the scum killer role transfer after Greg was lynched?
  14. It's a standard town role.
  15. It is with a sad heart that I write this. I am loyal. I've always been loyal. And all I wanted to do was science. To make life better. In SPACE. And then those Purist scum came to our school and started killing. What was I supposed to do? Let them kill me? Kill SCIENCE in SPACE? So, I concocted a plan. I needed the right ingredients. The right...chemicals. Hey, I had access to chemicals. I could make weapons! But who was scum? Day 1, Emily...sweet sweet Emily. Okay, blood-thirsty, overpowering Emily. But she made me feel safe. She took charge and she pointed the way: Melinda, Greg, Issac were on her list. We lynched Melinda and I took a chance and took out Issac. They were both town. I cried a lot of tears over that. Our protector gone and two other loyal students with her, one by my very own hands. But this is science and sometimes you have to try an experiment many times to get it right. Day 2, so confusing. Jeff was leading the charge and then Fred. Issac was no longer a suspect thanks to me so all signs pointed to Greg, but who else? We lynched Greg. Yay. And once again those dastardly Purists chose the person who was leading us....protecting us and killed Fred. And me, I cried bitter tears when I found out I had killed ANOTHER loyal student, Emma. But again, at least we weren't going to waste time suspecting her. I felt I was getting better at this killing thing. Day 3 and the shadow of suspicion was falling on Jordon, Warren, and me. I think people were noticing I was getting twitchy and giggling at the wrong times. But we lynched Jordon and they killed Jeff. Jeff who I felt was doing a terrible job of protecting ME and SCIENCE. Jeff who I was tempted to take care of myself as he had me on his SCUM list. I've killed for this school. Killed! And YOU suspect ME? But I didn't kill him. I was going to kill Warren. He was the person I felt was the most scummy after Jordon. My brain swam with the, Adam, Tim, was was was SCUM. I had to protect the town. I had to protect MYSELF. Warren was the top suspect, but who was second? TIM. Tim was probably town. Warren was almost certainly going to be lynched as he had a vote penalty.... But if we were wrong. Adam was town, right? We had been talking and he was town, right? If Adam is town, Tim or Warren were scum......KILL Everyone. Protect SCIENCE. PROTECT THE TOWN. PROTECT ME. So, I cried as I killed Tim. And I was unsurprised when he came up as a loyal town. But it answered the question. The experiment was a success. We will lynch Warren! The town will be saved. SCIENCE and KILLING together! A new way forward! To the loyal students I killed. You will all get an honorable mention in my first published paper. I'm sorry...and congratulations.