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    [MOC] Sj X2000 High Speed Train / SnabbtÄg

    I almost forgot about this one! The working doors are an incredibly nice touch!
  2. Seeing all of these photos make me question why LEGO hasn't tried their hands at making a new monorail system. The old ones sell for an arm and a leg, and there are multiple themes that could use them. I would pay a solid amount of money if they ever make a Jurassic World Monorail Set.
  3. X_Builds

    [MOC] British Rail Mineral Wagons

    The build looks so simple, but the techniques used were well done. I may consider buying your instructions as I am designing a few European steam locomotives
  4. X_Builds

    SystemTrains - Union Pacific 4014 Big Boy

    Oh man! You really pulled all of the stops for this one. This looks amazing! Hats off to you for trying your best at making it compatible with as many forms of motorization as possible. That and the Boxpok Drivers are a nice touch.
  5. X_Builds

    LEGO Trains 2023

    Oh my gosh the joke just processed... I am a Thomas fan as well and I am disappointed in myself that it took me so long to get it.
  6. X_Builds

    LEGO Trains 2023

    I apologize if this question "derails" the conversation going on here, but I was wondering if you could clarify on what you meant by LEGO causing confusion and delay?
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    Hello Everyone! I am X_Builds and I have been playing with LEGO trains for as long as I can remember. I have loved trains ever since I was an infant watching Thomas the Tank Engine, I Love Toy Trains, and IRL train documentaries. However, it was the Christmas of 2008 that would change my life for years to come. A few weeks prior, my parents took me to the local LEGO Store to see if I would be interested in anything. My little legs would eventually take me to something that made my jaw drop. In front of me would be my first ever LEGO train, the 7897 RC Passenger Train. 14 Years later, that first set has grown into a collection that my younger self would gawk at. I have only just started to seriously plan out my MOC designs, and I have some big plans for the future. I have been a lurker on this forum for a while now, but I think I am finally ready to start reaching out and meet new people that enjoy this hobby.