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  1. PirateTales

    [LEGO IDEAS] Lostmans Island

    I had forgotten all about him when taking the photos. He is supposed to be blue, I ran out of Bluecoats. Rookie mistake
  2. PirateTales

    [MOC] Return to Spanish Armada Fort

    Beautiful build. The level of detail is incredible!
  3. PirateTales

    [MOC] My redcoat fleet

  4. PirateTales

    [LEGO IDEAS] Lostmans Island

    Thank you Marooned Marin I will add more pictures of the real build. I have not made anything inside the tower because I lack the bricks, but I am going to finish it at some point. The digital build is made up of 2137 pieces. I don't know how many pieces there is in the real one. Thank you for your support!
  5. PirateTales

    [LEGO IDEAS] Lostmans Island

    Ohoy pirates! When the pandemic hit, I started to build with LEGO again. Rediscovering my love for LEGO was an amazing and fun experience. As a kid my favorite theme was pirates, and I grew up playing with my older cousins pirate sets. The pirate theme brings back childhood memories and imagination. I wanted to make this model to bring back those feelings and share them with the LEGO community. The build is called Lostmans Island, and it is an imperial prison tower. The tower has three floor levels, the prison is in the cave at the bottom, living quarters in the middle and an office on top. The island also has a dock and a small beach on the back of the tower. This is my first LEGO Ideas build. I hope you like it and want to take a closer look at it. On the back side of the tower there is a beach where sleepy Edward spends most of his time. The greens on the walls makes a hidden path to Captain James’ office. A pirate stealing the diamond of the sevens seas. The first floor where the imperial soldiers sleep and live. The pirates are breaking captain Redbeard out of prison. I was inspired by the old sets like Lagoon Lock up, Sabre Island and Imperial Outpost. I knew right away that I wanted to make an imperial build that could look good beside my newly bought Baracuda bay set. When I started, I built with the bricks I had by hand. This was the first MOC I had made since I was a kid. Here is a photo of the real brick model: As the build progressed, I wanted to build it digitally too, to render some good pictures. I think it helped my building process a lot to switch between the two methods. Sometimes it helped to be restricted by the bricks I had which gave me some creative ways to use the brick, and other times it was amazing to build with all the bricks in the world available. It took about 4 months total to make the build with real bricks and with bricklink studio. The build is made up of 2137 pieces. Including 3 pirate minifigures, 3 imperial soldiers minifigures, 1 skeleton, and 1 crab. To me story is very important. I tried to tell the story with the minifigures through the pictures. As you can see in the pictures the pirates arrive at the beach behind the tower. The plants on the tower walls makes a hidden path to enter the tower without the guards watching. In the tower they can steal the diamond of the seven seas. They can also go directly into the cave to rescue Captain Redbeard from the outside, if the tides are low of course! What I like most about LEGO sets is hidden functions that make the build dynamic and encourage play. Therefore, my favorite part of the set is the hidden cave entrance, where Captain Redbeard is locked up. In addition, I was really happy about how the palm trees turned out. A mix of old and new, that made them look lush. That is also the overall approach I went for in this build, a mix of old and new. I love the modern way of building with the level of details. It is amazing to see how far LEGO building has come. I have seen a lot of excellent imperial sets on LEGO Ideas, and I really hope that LEGO will produce an imperial LEGO idea set at some point. If you want to read more about the model or see more pictures check it out on LEGO idea: https://ideas.lego.com/projects/69286e05-d0ed-4392-b7a0-8be476d830c2 If you have some thoughts about the build I would love to hear them! Thank you for your time and consideration. SUPPORT NOW