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    Lego City

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  1. ellencarnallajya99

    My new book! Building LEGO Trains Vol 1

    How glad I am to find like-minded people. Probably each of us dreams of working in a Lego company!
  2. ellencarnallajya99

    Lego School MOC

    I really like this kind of structure, too. Especially the 80s and 90s schools in America. I immediately thought back to when I was in college. I remember asking to write my thesis, using https://edubirdie.com/write-my-thesis to do it. Not the best memories of course. I, too, by the way, was also worth from the constructor of my school. It turned out pretty good.
  3. ellencarnallajya99

    Lego School MOC

    I would also add a school bus
  4. ellencarnallajya99

    The NEW Lego Ideas book

    I have already read it
  5. ellencarnallajya99

    Leaders Bewere: The Wulf-Tang Clan

    Funny figurines, can I see more photos of them?
  6. ellencarnallajya99

    Albion Bookstore

    so cool I think
  7. ellencarnallajya99

    [MOC] National Library of Ireland

    I used to visit this library. Its scale is truly amazing. I did not think that Lego would come out with this building. At the moment I found an assignment help for college, use https://edubirdie.com/assignment-help for that. And as soon as I can, I will order this set for myself. I can't imagine what I would have done as a child without Lego. Thanks to whoever created it.
  8. ellencarnallajya99

    1969 Chevrolet Camaro - 8-wide

    My God, where can I buy such a miracle?