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  1. bungeshea

    [MOC] Castle of Lord Afol

    I really like the look of this, especially the mix of different styles.
  2. bungeshea

    Helms Deep

    Looks great! Really nice to see the scene at such large scale with so much detail. Is there much of an interior behind the wall?
  3. bungeshea


    Looks great! I love the attention to detail, especially on the inside.
  4. bungeshea

    [MOC] City Wall - Dimensions

    Looks great! I like the integration between the Dimensions portal parts and the setting.
  5. I like it! You've really nailed the look of the weapon.
  6. I've often thought that a series of LotR architecture miniature builds would work out really well, and these do not disappoint. The architecture on Barad Dur looks fantastic, and I like the mix of colours used for Hobbiton.
  7. bungeshea

    [MOC] Game Of Thrones Skyline Architecture

    This is super cool! The castles I think are especially well done. Perhaps you could consider expanding this into a microscale version of Westeros/Essos, sort of mirroring the opening credits of the show.
  8. bungeshea

    [Moc] Elves Castle

    I really like the style of this one, especially how it seems to combine the LotR-inspired architecture with that of a more-conventional castle.
  9. bungeshea

    REVIEW: 5002125 Electro

    Which set of characters did you decide to include in your Sinister Six?
  10. bungeshea

    [MOC] Ice Dragon. Fire Dragon.

    These are amazing. They are the perfect companion to the minifigures, and I love your use of the different parts that are available in transparent.
  11. bungeshea

    [MOC] The Storm Spire

    This is very nice! The hourglass shape works really well, and I love the use of the Nexo Knights rogul piece - it looks fantastic with the light shining through it.
  12. bungeshea

    Amon Hen

    This is really amazing. It really captures the picturesque scene of the film very well. I wish I had the skill (and parts!) to build something like this.
  13. bungeshea


    The colour of the base with the trans elements on tops works really well. The upside-down boat is an interesting-looking technique, and I really like the build of the plantation in the middle.
  14. bungeshea

    [MOC] Kazum'dar castle

    This is just beautiful. The colours of the city contrast perfectly to the grey of the castle, making a very lively and interesting build.
  15. bungeshea

    [MOC] Roman Government Building

    I really like how you've done this. The mix of tan and gold works really well, as does the way you have managed to balance simplicity and detail. This might inspire me to do something similar when I have the parts available.