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  1. Insanely good. I especially love the colour blocking with grey and the matching gold plus a tasteful navy for accent. Unreal.
  2. Blej

    [LEGO IDEAS] Imperial Island Outpost

    Cheers man, Yeah I just wanted it to feel a bit stout, fortified and strong. I didn't necessarily want to to make a new thread as these will be part of larger scene. It's not really a show piece, the tower has no name haha. Glad you like it!
  3. Blej

    [LEGO IDEAS] Imperial Island Outpost

    Hey guys! Thanks so much for the support. Very happy and surprised to hit 1000 being such a large thing. A friend of mine has offered to collaborate on a MILS scene involving this tower and, well, I guess I need more islands! I've put together a smaller tower using the same style and type of half-stud techniques but completely different from the big tower. I suppose the inspiration was partially Sabre Island but with the cannon inside. Unique things about this is the hatch that opens and lifts the ladder (rope not rendered), the offset angle of the main structure and the boat slide. A couple of soldiers took the boat to re-supply but haven't quite made it back to post yet! Here it is on a stand-alone MILS base: I'm not going to put too much effort into 'marketing' the big tower until I've built it starting with this smaller one and moving from there. Thanks for looking!
  4. Blej

    [LEGO IDEAS] Imperial Island Outpost

    Thanks mate, it was harder than I anticipated working in small spaces in and getting it all squeezed in especially the prison. Really appreciate the kind words! I quite enjoy the surprise of moving around a big model and seeing an open interior. I'll build it as near as possible. Wouldn't mind sitting it on a more expanded watery baseplate of trans tiles with the black edge. They look really cool and it'll open the window for me to make some more little islands and join them together into a bigger scene. Getting keen!
  5. Blej

    [LEGO IDEAS] Imperial Island Outpost

    Thanks!!!! Have to admit it took me about 2 years on-and-off to get it to this point. I've had bigger versions, full tower modular style, versions with more cannons, smaller versions, all sorts! This was also my first attempt at, takes a little while to learn the bits efficiently. Thinking about the next projects now! I'd like to build this one physically this year especially if I get some momentum on Ideas. Cheers I wasn't sure the protocol on this.
  6. Hey guys! A nice person directed me from my Ideas page to share this here. Actually, I have been to this fantastic forum many times just enjoying the MOCs and gathering some inspiration when I modified the Creator ship for my childhood Imperial soldiers. The ship build inspired me to design a wharf and island base, something large enough that wouldn't be dwarfed by the scale of the ships. Here we have Imperial Island Outpost. I started with the tower first using real bricks to finding some interesting techniques to set the curves half-stud. It was really just an experiment but the Island started to tell a story too large for my own bricks that I wanted to finish digitally. My favorite part is the hidden entrance at the side with a moving minecart through a cave for collecting a secret stash of treasure underneath the island. The open back interior was a real challenge but the levels are connected properly and it really makes for a fun, playable set full of surprises. Style inspiration was largely from my favorite set Lagoon Lock-up, hence the prison cell, blue/red awning and 'tavern' arrangement. I always wanted an Eldorado Fortress but I never got one so here I've added a black crane, wharfs and pivoting cannons. All the best bits! I'm sure some of you have seen it on Ideas already, thank you for voting if you have already! Your votes are appreciated! But really I'm just happy to share this nostalgic build with as many people as possible. Cheers! Keen to hear your thoughts. A couple of pics below, and more on Flickr or Ideas. SUPPORT Front angle where you can see the prison high up in the tower. Side angle showing the wharf and secret entrance: Front on showing the complex multi-level design of the island: Back view showing the fully detailed rooms and caves (and spider): Top down footprint: SUPPORT