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  1. Hukamanu

    If this were available on bricklink's MoC store, I'd buy it.
  2. Bionicle 2015 Discussion

    I would buy a stack of such a Beavis smile sticker..
  3. Legends of Chima 2014 Discussion

    Would be nice the mystery one is the skunk guy. I jutst hope that this Cragger will have the green feet like that old leaked image had, any kind of green.
  4. Hero Factory 2014 Discussion

    I'd rather they just use a normal box like all the other themes, instead of the bags.
  5. Hero Factory 2014 Discussion

    Good to know. I'm glad they won't be going back to the 2.0 heads.
  6. Hero Factory 2014 Discussion

    It seems that the list is wrong according to these pics I found http://images4.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20130420093137/lego/images/b/b7/Outlaws.png http://images4.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20130420093040/lego/images/6/64/23.jpg http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/sprxtrerme/BIONICLE-Art/factory/view1.jpg
  7. Constraction custom parts

    How much to get these parts made and what colors are available?
  8. Legends of Chima 2013 (Action Figures)

    Really hoping these are prototypes. Was really looking forward to Cragger's green(any variation of green, finally) feet for MoCs let alone keeping one assemled.
  9. Hero Factory 2013

    Awesome. Thnaks very much. ;;D The only change I'd ask for on Aquagon, would be to change the feet color to match the blades. Nice looking set all around as is the Evo set.
  10. Hero Factory 2013

    If he were as brown as he looks from the lighting in your video, I'd almost want that one then. Sadly he's just more unwanted red parts.
  11. Legends of Chima 2013 (Action Figures)

    Finally!!! Oh my freaking happy fit! We're finally going to get clawed feet in any of the green colors. Must absoluetly have.
  12. Hero Factory 2013

    That's encouraging news. ;;D Increases my urge to have just that much more now.
  13. Hero Factory 2013

    No ore glatorian heads? That's very sad to read. Best head ever made. I sure hope they don't go back to those aweful 2.0 heads, they suck big time.
  14. Stormer XL Custom Mod

    Not fond of the MoC on the whole, but I do love many parts of it as separate MoCs o their own. I love the sword, nice job. The gun looks like a really awesome Starship of some kind on it's own. It's a bit reminiscent of a Romulan Scimitar Class almost. Although it doesn't(at least to me) fit the MoC it rocks on it's own. I also like the back wingy thingies.
  15. Hero Factory 2013

    Ogrum is amazing and a must get for clawfoot fans that want more colors. On that note Scarox would be better if the feet were either gold or green. Only other suggestion for Scarox is add a shell as his name screams SCARaB! Beetle shell would rock with that head.