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  1. I wish they would re-upp some more slave 1's
  2. The issue with the Big-W sale in my opinion was the fact that it started 2 days earlier for everyday rewards members. I went to the chermside store 20 mins after it opened on thursday to be told they had sold out of the sandcrawler\helicarrier. Why sell all of your big ticket items before the sale starts why not half for ER members and half for everyone else at least!
  3. R2-D2 for sure!!!!!
  4. apps

    2013 LEGO Pirates rumors and discussion.

    That LOTR ship sounds promising!!!
  5. Your house can't be that bad can it, are you in a wheelchair or something?
  6. That's their loss, last time I checked no one in italy has any money!!!!!!
  7. A beautiful sight at the queen st toyworld today, 6 death stars all lined up and looking good. That is of course until you see the price ticket, I kid you not it actually say's "great value $699.00". HA!!!
  8. apps

    2012 Pirates?

    Here, Here!!!!!
  9. Went up there the other day to put money on a lay-buy and was a bit suprised hey, apparently they got bugger all notice aswell. I guess the myer centre does not like having tenants. As long as they don't drop my excavator moving it down to the mall shop I will still be happy!!!
  10. Scored the Red beard runner off bricklink and a BSB from ebay, the fleet is almost complete.
  11. Picked up the Carribian clipper, Renagade runner and original imperial flagship. Only four to go and the fleet is complete
  12. apps

    LEGO Star Wars 2013 Pictures and Rumors

    Are you talking about legitimate competitors or counterfeit ones?