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  1. TimoFunk

    [MOC] "Fer Maiden" - 36 Gun Privateer Frigate

    I do really like the look of my guns, especially the big ones. Unfortunately, the are not very robust and fall apart quite easily. Just something for a showcase, unusable for epic seabattles with my kids. Take care Timo
  2. TimoFunk

    [WIP] “L’Anubis” - 3rd Rate Ship of the Line

    Hello @Supersick_ , You're right. I've just had a look myself. No covers visible on the upper gun deck. So far I thought that the gun ports had always flaps on ships of this size. Luckily you're never too old to learn something :-) Thanks a lot. Take care Timo
  3. TimoFunk

    [WIP] “L’Anubis” - 3rd Rate Ship of the Line

    Yay, there's progress! :-) Thanks for the update and the pictures! Is there a chance that the upper gun deck is also getting flaps for the gunports? Thanks and keep up your awesome work, I really appreciate it. Take care Timo
  4. TimoFunk

    [MOC] "Fer Maiden" - 36 Gun Privateer Frigate

    So, time for a little update. Not much happened but at least I finished the sails. I'm getting a little annoyed by the crew. Unfortunately I can't get the decals printed as nicely as I want them to be. I do have to try more... I think someone asked how to build the guns. The post has disappeared again, anyway I'll attach a few pictures. Maybe it's still of intrest :-)
  5. TimoFunk

    [DIGITAL] HMS Vanguard

    Hello @Kyle84, has the Vanguard made any progress that you would like to share with us? Take care Timo
  6. TimoFunk

    [WIP] “L’Anubis” - 3rd Rate Ship of the Line

    Hello @Supersick_, I wish you a happy, healthy and successful new year. Although I still havent't quite finished building the Fer Maiden, sails and crew are still missing, I would like to ask if Anubis has made any progress? Maybe a few nice new pictures have been taken that you would like to share to increase our impatience even more. :-) Take care Timo
  7. TimoFunk

    [MOC] "Fer Maiden" - 36 Gun Privateer Frigate

    Well, unfortunately it took a lot longer to build than expected, but finally it's done. The sails and the crew are not ready yet, but I didn't want to withhold the current pictures from you any longer. I'm super happy with the result. The ship is just great. I really enjoyed the build and with the small changes it's perfect for me. I'm now afraid that I can't resist to build L'Anubis either. However, next time I have to do better with the Bricklink orders so that it doesn't take so long to get all the bricks. Thank you @Supersick_ for this great moc!
  8. TimoFunk

    [MOC] "Fer Maiden" - 36 Gun Privateer Frigate

    Unfortunately I run out of parts and time to complete her at the moment. But I've made some good progress. I am very satisfied with my detachable shrouds, especially with the simple tensioning mechanism. So I can change between a showcase model and a play model in less than a minute. I will reduce the number of cannons on the weather deck and use my own small cannons instead. Therefore I raised the height of the bulwark by one plate. It looks still OK for me. I've started creating my own minifigure(s) as well but I am still struggeling with the quality of the stickers - and the design ;-)
  9. TimoFunk

    [MOC] "Fer Maiden" - 36 Gun Privateer Frigate

    Thanks Supersick_ - this is really a beautiful ship! I stumbled upon the model by accident and knew that I absolutely had to build her. I think she is the perfect mix of a showcase model - with the lower hull attached - and a model that you can play with your children. Last week the first bricklink orders arrived and I was able to start building her. A few small tweaks here and there and she will be the perfect pirate hunter for me, especially since she has more cannons than my kids' pirate ships combined ;-) I changed the color scheme a bit - does not like the blue color so much - and I will use my own custom guns. I'm also thinking about some additional shrouds that can be removed for playing.... LEGO sail making and building custom mini figures are next on my list, a whole new hobby :-) Many thanks again Supersick_ keep up your fantastic work! Take care
  10. Trying to post a picture...