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  1. I seriously doubt there’s much concern in Lego vs GW marketing (short of legal licensing stuff on Lego’s end). I’d be *very* surprised to find out that any significant number of AFOL’s have ever even stepped into a GW store, they’re just completely different hobbies. (Or more accurately, nobody can afford to collect both) Btw, now that the license is back here’s a good time to remind people this Ideas project exists. Not my build, I just really want it to get produced! https://ideas.lego.com/projects/c928192a-50a0-4c4c-90da-5224f92f1937
  2. I was thinking a Balroq similar to the new Bowser set would be kind of cool. Not on my wish list, but cool nonetheless.
  3. Brick Clicker says double VIP is Oct 10-13. Definitely planning in two more just in time for winter MOCs.
  4. I have to agree with above, the movies are “old” now, and the nee show isn’t really marketed towards kids. My money says this is an Icons type release and not a full blown theme.
  5. Can mods merge this with the other LOTR thread?
  6. My money is that whatever they (maybe) give us as a D2C will be something that ties into the movies and TV show. I haven't watched the show yet (no spoilers please!) but AFAIK Rivendell, Orthanc or Barad-Dur are the only three locations that exist in both ages? Maybe Rivendell hasn't been built yet, I can't remember. I just hope whatever it is, it has good carryover for classic castle builds as far as swords, torsos/legs, helmets etc go. Orcs and elves and all that never really had a place in my MOC's. I think the best chance for that would be something Gondor or Numenorian.
  7. As a castle fan: hell yeah Also as a castle fan: aw man :(
  8. woodford86

    Historic Themes PAB Thread

    How's standard order shipping for other guys? Looks like two of my standard orders from Aug 23/24 finally shipped this morning. No tracking number but the VIP points got added. They're really testing that 28 day estimate lol.
  9. woodford86

    Historic Themes PAB Thread

    How did I miss that??? Sorting by newest is apparently super unreliable! Kind of a bummer its only dark brown too. I find they don't contrast enough with the brown/orange horses so prefer grey ETA: Dark orange horses also added
  10. woodford86

    Historic Themes PAB Thread

    Bunch of new parts got added overnight. Nothing all that interesting for castle minifigs/animals, looks like the globe set got added among other stuff.
  11. woodford86


    Super nice! That round work done on the windmill is insane. What minifig is that in the third last picture (green lady with the broom and chickens)?
  12. woodford86


    Something about this picture looks illegal...
  13. woodford86

    Historic Themes PAB Thread

    FYI just noticed there's some fresh stock, BF lowers and shields, brown and tan horses, breastplates are available again
  14. I like where this ones going, if he can add walls to connect the outer wings to the keep it’ll be exactly what I’m planning for my own XL https://m.facebook.com/groups/297357171187002/permalink/1135454844043893/
  15. A lot are waiting for double VIP to get multiples