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  1. I have no idea but the castle and then eldorado both came out in summer, and since this is another throwback set I wouldn't be surprised to see it then
  2. The minifigs and minifig accessories are all that matter to me, obviously I want a nice build but if theres no new torsos/legs and tools (dreaming) I can probably just build it from my existing collection. I do agree the space CMF and majistos gwp were disappointing, but CMF 25 on the other hand looks very promising so I'm hopeful. I think my biggest hope is that they give us the dragon knight torso (or another new one), not just another Lion Knight which we all have plenty of by now I'm sure.
  3. woodford86

    2024 Space sets

    You all see the leaked space CMF series? Looks decent, a bit sad the Ice Planet guy doesn’t have an orange visor though. But M-Tron, Blacktron II and Ice Planet all there
  4. So its been a while now, does anyone have a favorite Rebrickable expansion for the castle? I'd like to build one and then build a landscape around the whole thing. Leaning towards this one - I like the tall tower that keeps with the mostly stone castle aesthetic.
  5. I'd love to see this Jan 1 but don't buy that for a second, I feel like this has too much attention to sneak by that easily - the big leakers would have said something by now. But pictures can't come soon enough! I'm still holding out hope that it'll have the dragon knight torso in it. I just don't see why they'd make an exclusive torso for a GWP, and a village could have an inn which would be hosting foreign knights...
  6. woodford86

    VIKING VILLAGE Ideas set via Target vote

    This looks fantastic! Just wish it had something new for the minifigs but I won’t complain.
  7. Just saw falconfan’s post that we might get a dedicated space CMF series next May….I HOPE its true but given its May I could easily see it being Star Wars. But a throwback series dedicated to a classic theme each…holy eff I’d buy so many. Give me castle!!
  8. woodford86

    2023 Majisto GWP

    Its about 100 pieces more than the Hideout. Sounds great! Really hoping the knights are something new but if they are its a bummer they be released in a GWP only. More likely its just a couple Lion Knights. I’ve been holding off on a big PAB order, El Dorado, A-Frame, Hocus Pocus, and a couple more Galaxy Explorers so will have no problem meeting the threshold lol edit: maybe Viking Village is out by then too?
  9. Nothing concrete but Brick Clickers video yesterday mentioned the medieval village happening in 2024 and including a goat. He made the point Lego’s been remaking iconic sets for a few years now so this would be the next in that line. But other than that there wasn’t anything new, so who knows if he was just going off that focus group leak/this thread or if he has more reliable information?
  10. I don't buy the "too expensive to make" argument about the molds. Look how many one-off pieces get released in the CMF's every year, and how many new animal molds are churned out for city line etc. You'll never convince me that a killer whale or a seal or a tortoise is easier to place in sets than a goat.
  11. woodford86

    Historic Themes PAB Thread

    Just an update on shipping times for North America (Canada). Standard PAB order placed on March 12th has been marked as shipped this morning, which is basically the same turnaround as the order I placed on March 8th also (that one shipped last week). So looks like Standard orders are being picked right around that one month mark.
  12. woodford86

    2023 Majisto GWP

    I definitely will hold off on purchases until a good GWP comes along which isn't often. My case only, but Lego would definitely sell more if they offered discounts/bonus VIP points instead of GWP's. The fact I know a Majisto set is coming just means I won't be buying anything until it drops...and that even includes PAB orders. That said, I'll probably try to get 2-3 of these so maybe its a wash in the end.
  13. woodford86

    2023 Majisto GWP

    Personally I'd be 100% on board with just being the Black Falcons rather than dragon knights. If we're not getting a full castle reboot, I'd prefer they stick to the three we have now and just build them out rather than tease us with 1-2 minifigures from a different faction every time they release something new. The only exception for me would be if all the minifigs made it onto PAB but I'm not sure a limited run GWP would make it on there
  14. woodford86

    BrickLink Designer Program Ongoing Discussion Thread

    This is what I don't understand. The first time I loaded the page on mobile, each submission had the icons right there on the gallery page. But I wanted bigger pictures before making my call so I went to desktop and suddenly I had to navigate to the build page to see the icons. And I'd do that, vote, then hit back and the page would be filled with entirely different builds. Should at least have a next/previous button on each build page. Edit: And of course the moment I say that, I check the BDP page and they have the icons on the gallery page now
  15. woodford86

    Historic Themes PAB Thread

    Man, I wonder if Bricklinkers are in trouble. I was about to spend $300 on Bricklink yesterday to get a bunch of tan wedge plates mostly (among other things), on a whim I decided to see if I could get the same order on PAB - I got every single item for no joke under $100 (savings partly due to saving on shipping from five different stores). Only problem is I'll need to wait a bit longer for shipping, but brand new pieces *and* cheaper *and* all in one order? Unless you're looking for the latest or rarest pieces or in a huge rush I don't see why anyone would use Bricklink again.