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  1. Brickvik

    GBW HC - Brickvik - E3 Achmelvik checkpoint

    Hey there, I mean from what I understood, but it might have been my mistake we are looking at the island as a whole and not only as the crash site, but if I had to refer to that then I guess its too late And yes the title was a typo
  2. In the northeastern corner of E3 the Achmelvik military set up a checkpoint. Reinforced by a mercenary marksman, they are there to separate the north eastern corner from the rest of the island, as the Achmelvik government is scavenging for wreckage parts The commander of the checkpoint is approached by one of the members of the local militia, who are currently atempting to move a technical carrying cargo suspected to contain the nuclear material up into the mountains of H2 and I2
  3. I have a question about the map, where is the crash site, and also, could we get a run down of the special spots around the map? thank you
  4. At what time approximately will the details drop?
  5. Brickvik

    GBW Hot Zones- Open Discussion

    Alright man sounds good, but how about the area, how do the cities look, like is there any irl inspo?
  6. Brickvik

    GBW Hot Zones- Open Discussion

    guys, I am the owner of achmelvik, and I am looking to start a build, and so I wanted to know how the terrain looks in the plains, also what guns, and vehicles can I use, and are there any standards for militias, or military?
  7. Brickvik

    Great Brick War: Hot Zones- Sign Up Now!

    Hello there fellas, my name is Vik, and I am a fan of modern military lego Bolshaya Zemlya Achmelvik