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  1. Greetings, I am currently in the need of some sort of software that can control Powered Up Hubs using a form of programming language other than block coding. I've been having difficulty getting repositories such as node-poweredup and Brick Automation Project to work. The application for BAP works, but I want to be able to actively control the hub like you can with the Powered Up app. If you have any guidance on how to get the aforementioned repositories working, I would greatly appreciate it. Or if you know of another piece of software I haven't tried yet I would greatly appreciate that too. I would prefer the software have a language similar to Java, or anything similar like C#, but at this point I couldn't care less. I just really want to code these things. Thanks.
  2. Maybe I'm just underestimating what the PU remote can do, but I don't think the amount of buttons will do it for me. I see myself controlling like 4 individual motors, which I don't think can be done with a PU remote. With a PU remote I feel like I'd only have the amount of buttons to move, and enough buttons left over to fully control one more motor. I guess I can get the amount of buttons I need by using Pybricks and keyboard control. Ideally I would like to use something like a Xbox controller to control everything. That's mainly why I want to use a repository so I could stick in some other code to let me use a controller like that. Coding language doesn't necessarily matter. It's mainly the amount of control I have. I'm not too lazy to learn Python, I'm just a bit too picky. I would prefer something like C+ just for ease of use. But I suppose I should be more open if I plan on accomplishing anything.
  3. I really want to use some sort of repository for controlling motors, that way I can use a controller that's not the PU remote. The PU remote limits my controlling options quite a bit. I also don't feel like learning python and buying a PU remote to use. I guess I just need someone to enlighten me on how to get these repositories working.
  4. Does Pybricks allow you to control your motors? Not just make code and have the motors follow it in sequence? I want to control it like I would from the Powered Up app with some form of user input.
  5. sharpbrick/poweredup seems to work in Powershell, but I can't get it to work in Visual Studio. Since this has been the pattern with everything I've tried I'm assuming it's something to do with me. It says it can't find a project when running and it has a lot of problems. I imagine there must be something more to do than just cloning the repository.