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  1. We don't, but I think it's likely considering the number of times pieces are being re-used. I never meant to imply that lego is parting sets out; I think they're trying to sell their already made boxed copies and re-purposing the bins of un-packaged parts.
  2. You don't know that. The only reason we even know about the re-uses of the foosball pieces is because they're "unique" figure parts and not the general bricks that compose the BP bust; its much easier for BP pieces to slip by because of how generic its pieces are (black is one of THE most commonly used lego colors with white and the grays)
  3. Time77

    2024 Space sets

    Nothin easy about those trans-yellow canopies. Yeah, recently they've seen more production, but for a long while you were very limited. Futuron is way easier to make with blue canopies being more common, but yet futuron isn't made more often.
  4. Seems oddly specific.. Hmmm.
  5. Time77

    2024 Space sets

    Not in my experience. Definitely gets more love than exploriens, but it's still slim
  6. Just giving stuff away; I remember them doing that for a few of the chima speeders.
  7. Time77

    2024 Space sets

    The designers are kinda limited. They cannot make: M-tron, b-tron II, ice planet, spyrius, exploriens, roboforce, ufo, or insecoids. Not denying anyone's love for Futuron or UFO, but the popular stuff is CS, b-tron, M-tron, and Ice planet and I can only see lego making the popular stuff They could, but its just unlikely that they'll bring these colors back just 2-3 years after retiring them.
  8. Its a step in the right direction, but its still too 'space shuttle' for me; that jarring bus piece is offputting too. Points for the unique(ish) logo (not just the CS logo repeated 1,000k times over) and dark blue windscreen though! The build is also nice
  9. I remember hearing about them doing that in the past from some lego employee; maybe? I doubt they'll go the chima route
  10. However, we've seen this customization feature on another set (foosball) that isn't(?) licensed and it has flesh figures. My idea is that it gonna be some sort of city-space ship with a character creator like that foosball set. I imagine it's gonna use those same heads because of how those foosball pieces are being repurposed everywhere.
  11. I was about to buy 2 helmets the night before that leaked to go with my PAB airtanks; whew. Do we have any ideas on that space series? Does it mean space vaguely as a concept (aka: could it be avatar, Star wars, etc themed) or is a space themed series like that halloween one from awhile ago (series 14?)
  12. Time77

    Back to the future diorama

    Neato; wish there was a delorean in the speed champions line.
  13. Time77

    SR-30 Spectre

    Looks cool enough; not getting spyrius vibes though.
  14. Are trans-neon green and orange expensive or something? I honestly think they are just culling colors unfortanetly (to make way for the ugly new neon-pastels).
  15. Time77

    Blacktron TIE Defender

    Same. For some reason I have a strange affinity for B-tron 2; especially the figures.
  16. Those aren't bad color combos, but I think we have way too much gray with star wars
  17. I really want a new space theme that incorporates purple and maybe another one that has teal. vio-tron (exploriens II?) is what comes to mind! I voted for 4 things; dunno if that wasn't allowed
  18. Time77

    Space 2019 (and onward...)

    You went into the dark ages when classic space released? Woah, you're not a AFOL, you're a OGOL!
  19. Its not 3 years ago, so It's not accessible to the same people looking to buy this set now. Thats exactly what the rest of the pirates and castle themes are "arbitrary mashup"s of whatever looks cool
  20. Try buying POBB for 200 bucks now..
  21. How is that more likely? Every set for the past year has either had a 50% 50% split or 60% 40% (for odd numbers). Barracuda bay came out 3 years ago and is ungodly expensive, so I don't think thats would even make sense.
  22. Could be photoshop trickery that the SW people have been experiencing.
  23. Lame; red-beard got replaced because we gotta have 50% women.. ugh.
  24. Time77

    Classic Space Color meanings

    Rock raiders is definitively a space theme though; they've got a giant spaceship in the tie-in media. (not an actual picture, but a clearer minibuild)