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  1. Hi all =] Pretty new to the community here, signed up 6 months ago but only now got approved. Been a life long player of Lego, mostly technic these days. I have certain idea for a software to utilize the Lego Art theme and to maximize the use of these sets in order to enable as much of artwork as possible, mostly custom things. In order to do that, I need to know how many bricks been used on each build. We do have general count of all the parts that comes within the box but no idea about the actual part count, for example, been used to create Mickey Mouse (set 31202). Minnie Mouse uses different amounts of parts, and I thought the easiest way is to count using digital builds of these sets, but I couldn't find such files. Did someone stumbled upon such files? for any Lego Art set for that matter... Thank you very much y'all!