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  1. Hi If you want, I can send a picture of the entire build. And, even if you can't see it on any of the pictures above, I built a rain cover for the checkpoint.
  2. ----- Mission Background ----- The PSIC sent 3 men of the Sjørdi TF 'Wolf' to prevent contraband smuggling by a KLR agent (known as 'Boris Pavlov', or, the Rattlesnake) at the border between Gorkonnam and South Tahopan. The following soldiers sent are: Corporal Jørgen Vinter | Private First Class Sven Omdahl | Specialist Karl Gunvaldsen. They have been dressed as normal policemen to attract less attention, and if possible, any at all. ----- Mission Intel ----- Man in grey suit, bright red 2006 van, probably armed ----- Present Day ----- Spc. Gunvaldsen: ... so anyway guys, I found this text in the newspaper about the extraction mission in Drageid, strange they bring it up so late. 20220808_201745 by Friedrich Huber, on Flickr Cpl. Vinter: Yeah, good, but let's read it after the mission; the pig could arrive any minute. Ssg. Thorsen: *over radio* Wolf 2-6, do you copy? Cpl. Vinter: Yes, sir! Ssg. Thorsen: *over radio* Good. The scout team just saw the Rattlesnake on the streets. Get ready. Cpl. Vinter: Copy that, Actual. 20220808_201911 by Friedrich Huber, on Flickr Cpl. Vinter: Alright boys, our man should arrive any minute now. Remember the engagement rules: Firing only if he engages or threatens to do so. Understood? Spc. Gunvaldsen: Yeah, let's just teach that son of a brick a lesson. Pfc. Omdahl: Copy that, Jørgen. Cpl. Vinter: Alright, keep your eyes peeled. ----- A few minutes later... ----- Cpl. Vinter: Wolf Actual, visual on target. Ssg. Thorsen: *over radio* Copy that, 2-6. Get this over with. 20220808_202211 by Friedrich Huber, on Flickr TWKM Border Guard: *in background* Good day, papers please. Pavlov: Yeah, yeah, here you go. 20220808_202531 by Friedrich Huber, on Flickr TWKM Border Guard: Boris Pavlov, birthplace Shahzibad. Am I right? Pavlov: Yes. Now can I go? TWKM Border Guard: Please wait for the policemen to check your trunk. Pavlov: *sighs* 20220808_202741 by Friedrich Huber, on Flickr Cpl. Vinter: I'll get the trunk. Sven, you go to the snake. Karl, enjoy your coffee. Ssg. Thorsen: *over radio* You got anything? Cpl. Vinter: Yeah, visual on a badly hidden gun, probably AK series. 20220808_202859 by Friedrich Huber, on Flickr Pfc. Omdahl: So? How's it going? Cpl. Vinter: Get him out. TWKM Soldier: Please step out of the car sir. Pavlov: Ugh, alright. *door opens* *BANG* TWKM Soldier: Ah! I'm hit! Pfc. Omdahl: He's armed! Pocket gun! Get over here! 20220808_203706 by Friedrich Huber, on Flickr Spc. Gunvaldsen: Intel was right! Get that bricker! Pfc. Omdahl: On it! 20220808_203831 by Friedrich Huber, on Flickr *BONK* Cpl. Vinter: Damn, you didn't even shoot him! Nice hit! Spc. Gunvaldsen: Good gunbutt attack! Never seen anything like that. Pfc. Omdahl: Thanks guys. Jørgen, may I do the debrief? Cpl. Vinter: Honour's all yours. 20220808_204200 by Friedrich Huber, on Flickr Pfc. Omdahl: Actual, this is Wolf 4-9, rattlesnake is W.I.A., we're getting him cuffed and to the HQ. Get medical here, he was armed and shot a guard. He's bleeding heaviliy but he's becoming light medical support. Ssg. Thorsen. *over radio* Copy that 4-9, EMS en-route. Cpl. Vinter: I'll get him handcuffed. Sven, go watch on the soldier. Karl, you help me. Spc. Gunvaldsen: Yessir. 20220808_204356 by Friedrich Huber, on Flickr Cpl. Vinter: You get him, I'll check for any evidence. Spc. Gunvaldsen: Roger that, boss. ----- After Gunvaldsen left, the Corporal started to get some blood samples and check the ground for dropped stuff. ----- Cpl. Vinter: *to himself* Pocket gun? Interesting, I'll take it. Maybe it'll come in useful one day... 20220808_204608 by Friedrich Huber, on Flickr
  3. firearmsfan

    GBW Hot Zone: Mission Sign Up

    I already made the build for the mission... I have to get it!
  4. firearmsfan

    GBW Hot Zone: Mission Sign Up

    TF Wolf is willing to send 3-4 men to Gorkonman for the following mission: Mission Type: Guard Eligible to: PSIC Assist local forces in containing KLR friendly agents from moving contraband across the border. Background intel: Temperate nation. KLR aligned government. Government is stable. Developing nation with older socialist aligned population in charge. Requirements: minimum size 32x32 for initial build, 16x16 for additional builds Pays: 17 Brick Bucks for initial build Expiry Period from Signup: 4 weeks
  5. firearmsfan

    [GBW] - Mission - PDSRE - Gorkonnam Air Strike

    Love how you did the build with the airplane in the sky!
  6. Fun fact: I did it accidentaly
  7. Hi, that's true because I upgraded my phone! (from a 2018 Samsung Galaxy J6 to a 2022 Samsung Galaxy A13) And about the builds, I'll try doing my best and add as many details as possible (but still not too many )
  8. Thanks a lot! Now, the task force is waiting for the perfect moment to try them out...
  9. ----- If you haven't already, I recommend reading my previous post before this one. ----- Cpl. Vinter: That was one strange encounter. Spc. Christiansen: I can't do anything but agree, I guess. 20220805_180017 by Friedrich Huber, on Flickr Cpl. Vinter: Let's contact the Big Bad Wolf, shall we? Spc. Christiansen: Ha ha, nice nickname for Thorsen, or should I say, leader of the pack. But I'm gonna go do it. 20220805_180227 by Friedrich Huber, on Flickr --- After a few failed attempts to reach Thorsen, the two had given up all hopes and left just a message behind. --- S.F.M. Marine: *in distance* Hey! You guys Wolves? 20220805_180442 by Friedrich Huber, on Flickr Cpl. Vinter: Yeah, why? S.F.M. Marine: Word around is you guys got a weapons delievery from some guy that goes by the name of 'Beeze'. He's at the gate waiting for you 20220805_180620 by Friedrich Huber, on Flickr Spc. Christiansen: Man, what's wrong with this day? ----- The weapons delievery is a reference to the EclipseGrafx order that I placed 22 days ago using the gift card that I won in the giveaway and arrived 2 days ago (it took 20 days for it to arrive ). Many, many thanks again to @TheBeeze for the great reward! -----
  10. ----------------Background Intel---------------- A few weeks ago, Task Force Wolf went on a mission to Al-Quirmam to train a military squad. One of the members of that squad stood out especially, mostly for his perfect English skills... ----------------Present Day---------------- Cpl. Jørgen Vinter: Oscar! I've been looking for you! 20220717_141404 by Friedrich Huber, on Flickr Spc. Oscar Christiansen: Oi! Hello Jørgen! I didn't hear you coming. Cpl. Jørgen Vinter: You weren't supposed to. But anyways, what are you doing in the logistics department? 20220717_141531 by Friedrich Huber, on Flickr Spc. Oscar Christiansen: Well, it's the one place in that I can be alone for some time. Cpl. Jørgen Vinter: Understood, but what do you usually do here? Spc. Oscar Christiansen: Well, drink, eat, listen to comms, sometimes even sleep... 20220717_141801 by Friedrich Huber, on Flickr Cpl. Jørgen Vinter: Alright, understood. How have you been in the last time? Spc. Oscar Christiansen: I've been fine, how about you? Cpl. Jørgen Vinter: Same... wait a second... Marine, get over here! 20220717_141921 by Friedrich Huber, on Flickr ???: What's wrong Sir? Cpl. Jørgen Vinter: You remind me of someone, son. Spc. Oscar Christiansen: Yeah, exactly! 20220717_142158 by Friedrich Huber, on Flickr Cpl. Jørgen Vinter: Wait a second... the helmet... I've seen it somewhere. Spc. Oscar Christiansen: And the vest- wait! Watt, how the bell did you get here!? Watt: That is exactly as classified as my real name and how many ICBMs Sjørdfjordmoen owns. Cpl. Jørgen Vinter: True, but still... to be honest it's nice to see you. Watt: Nice to see you too. Corporal, but I'll have to go now. Cpl. Jørgen Vinter: Wait! Before you go, tell me what exactly you are doing here in S.F.M. 20220717_142424 by Friedrich Huber, on Flickr Watt: Alright, here it comes. The NIC (National Intelligence Corps) has sent me to Al-Quirmam to investigate the terrorist attacks. When I met you i realized that you, Corporal, have recognized my English skills. That is because I was actually born here, in this very country. Now, if you will excuse me, I have to go. The man that was known as the master marksman of Task Force X-Ray revealed his real identity, leaving the two members of Wolf open-mouthed. Spc. Oscar Christiansen: Faen, (Norwegian for 'damn') Thorsen has a crap ton explaining to do. He sure knew about this.
  11. firearmsfan

    GBW Hot Zones- Open Discussion

    ill just make it a 2-part thingy, so i dont have to wait so long. ill just post the first part now and the second one when that something arrives. edit: just posted part one and wanted to say something: part 1 is not related to the second one, they will have different lores but the protagonists and the place will still be the same.