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    Set number 10302, Optimus Prime

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    Mechs, Minecraft, Lord of the Rings, Lego, some classic games, all in no particular order.


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  1. Spectervamp

    Classic Space Color meanings

    Is that a reference to The Giver? Dear lord I hated that book... Edit: forgive me, I was in 7th grade when I read it and I was absolutely traumatized
  2. Spectervamp

    [MOC] Ice Station Icarus

    the domes are beautiful I wish I had enough parts for a diorama like this
  3. Spectervamp

    Classic Space Color meanings

    this way you can't see the blood on their jackets from the last person they operated on ¬_,¬ looks like a Shakespearean English filter to me honestly
  4. Spectervamp

    Classic Space Color meanings

    I'm just reading this and thinking back to the Lego Space: Building the Future book by Peter Reid and Tim Goddard and trying to remember what they did. If I remember correctly white was ground control/engineers/mechanics, red was pilots, and I think yellow was research. Some of the characters ended up changing outfits a few times, depending on their activities. I don't remember the role of the blue. Basically as time went on in the book, the affiliation system changed from classic space to Futuron. Blacktron became the bad guys (of course), and Ice Planet and the Space Police 1989 edition made brief appearances, each of which had different systems of classification of its spacemen. The significance of each color has changed as lego's space themes developed and more colors became available, so I honestly haven't formed a solid opinion of my own.
  5. Spectervamp

    Favorite/Inspirational Sci-Fi MOCs

    Dear lord that's 8 years old now? My word time flies like a spaceship...
  6. Spectervamp


    big fan of your stuff from lego Ideas; looking great so far!
  7. Spectervamp

    WIP feedback thread

    I love the designs here. I don't think the balcony idea is bad, but I feel like maybe if you used a guide rail instead of a wall on the near side of the balcony it might feel more hangar-like. If you took a slight overhead shot of the balcony and maybe had a bit more of an angle looking down on it it may look nicer; from this perspective it's hard to tell how big that balcony is, and that might be throwing you off
  8. Spectervamp

    A Classic Space Piece Pack would work for Classic Space fans?

    I understand a parts pack being rejected on ideas, although a themed parts polybag is something I feel like lego could probably do and make a solid profit from. I personally would love it if I could go onto lego's online site and just order a pack of ninjago-themed parts, or maybe Exo-force or Lord of the Rings. Definitely something I would support. That or maybe just color packs, as it would make some pieces easier to buy in bulk colors, like golds and transparent colors. Again, I love this idea Also, supported
  9. Spectervamp

    The Tribute to The Razor Crest - Released!

    18 pages of comments, dang. I first found your work from your Garm Gauss Tank (which I absolutely adore), I will definitely be following your work closely. Fantastic model, looking forward to the next project you make
  10. Spectervamp

    10302 Optimus Prime Rumors

    I got the set about a week ago. It took 3 hours to assemble. I love a lot of details about it, and it looks *mostly* beautiful, however there are a number of details that irk me, notably the leg assembly (knees and ankles really) and the head, as many others have pointed out. Did anyone else get as triggered as I did when they put joints in the knees and then removed their ability to bend?
  11. Spectervamp

    10302 Optimus Prime Rumors

    I feel like even a tank is a bit of a stretch, so megatron is essentially off the list. If they make a Bumblebee they have to make a Spike Witwicky minifig. Personally I hope they make a Skyfire transformer but that's just me. I think G1 Soundwave would be a good next move, as it would offer a decepticon to counter Optimus, and Soundwave is generally pretty popular and has a lot of really cool features. The only thing about this set that I really don't like(I'm not a huge fan of the head but I can live with it) is the fact that there are no knees >_<
  12. Where would be the best place to talk about the Optimus Prime set coming out in June? Because my gosh it's exciting Aside from the fact that, yet again, it's a lego robot that has no knees; that kills me every time It seems a decent price, at a little over 11 cents per part(usd).
  13. Spectervamp

    [MOC] Into the Breach - Playable Map with Mechs and Vek

    now I want to make my own lego board game... I might just do that
  14. Spectervamp

    AG - Introduction and Discussion

    Is this still a thing? Clicking on the link for more information on any of the groups just sends me right back to here. I'm curious in potentially joining, we shall see.