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  1. legomonk

    Need some help

    Sorry for the lack of pictures. I am writing this rather quickly and will add pictures as I take them. I am currently moving. I recently lost my job that a supported my family on. This hardship has made make some choices I wouldn't normally make. I decided to liquidate my entire lego collection. I have over 400 minifigures. Most of them from the Lotr/hobbit, kingdoms and castle 200+ including a lot of goblins and urk. There is about 100 pirates with PotC. About 100lbs of bulk lego. I am currently trying to figure out a way to measure it all exactly. These are of sets I purchaced over the last several years. I have all of the LotR and hobbit sets except orthanc and the newest sets. This includes the poly bags and the limited elrond. Also the imperial flag ship lego exclusive and the original imperial flagship. Also included is a complete diagon alley with out figure. Another set included is the MMV. There is around 80 complete sets mostly all castle/kingdoms LotR and hobbit with a bunch of others. I can send pics via email. Here is the sticker shock. I have a set amount of money in my head. I believe it's a fair amount for a very large collection. If you are truly interested in helping me out we can discuss it. I will also send pics. Shipping will be a pain so you should probably be in the USA.
  2. legomonk

    Uruk Hai/Rohan Soldiers

    my local walmart has uruk army for 25$ on clearance
  3. legomonk

    -WANT- Lego Movie Minifigures

    I have a sealed emmet pyjama. I would possibly consider a trade.
  4. I just got the the Chains to Champions game. Its a great game. I played it with ny 11 and 8 yearold a little advanced for my 8 yearold but my 11 yearold had a great time. I am going to introduce it to my gaming group this weekened.
  5. legomonk

    LEGO Hobbit 2014

    we can hope at least.
  6. legomonk

    LEGO Hobbit 2014

    the lack of any pictures is weird in the very least. I do like the MOC though.
  7. legomonk

    LEGO LotR - general discussion

    The only problem I see is this thread has degraded to a lot of people not talking about Lego or future sets for the LoTR franchise and instead arguing and devolving into pettiness.
  8. legomonk

    LEGO LotR - general discussion

    Sadly I think the LoTRs theme is a dead. I am glad I got at least one of everything. It was I felt a popular theme. I can only hope for more fantasy/medieval themes in the future. We still have some hobbit sets!
  9. legomonk

    LEGO LotR - general discussion

    That isnt true. The Lego Group does read forums.
  10. legomonk

    LOTR & The Hobbit 2013 Set Discussion

    I don't think they are that rare. Not like the elf bag. I have 5 on eBay and they havnt moved at all.
  11. I have some on ebay if they dont sell in the 7 days I would consider trading some away.
  12. legomonk

    LOTR & The Hobbit 2013 Set Discussion

    I am surprised no one has asked me.
  13. legomonk

    LOTR & The Hobbit 2013 Set Discussion

    My local TRU store in idaho has the lake town guard poly bag in. I bought 3 with the cash on hand.