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  1. MarcoMak

    [MOC] 🦜☠️Pirate Paradise V2☠️🦜.

    Thank you so much! I love the trinket
  2. MarcoMak

    [MOC] 🦜☠️Pirate Paradise V2☠️🦜.

    Thank you! May I know more about the Black Rock? Are there any photo or video in youtube or facebook about this moc?
  3. MarcoMak

    [MOC] 🦜☠️Pirate Paradise V2☠️🦜.

    Thank you. Thank you, we are still a child inside when playing with lego . The pirate statue is the signature of this island¬
  4. MarcoMak

    [MOC] 🦜☠️Pirate Paradise V2☠️🦜.

    They are only small glass beads If they are all lego plates, I am already bankrupted lol
  5. MarcoMak

    [MOC] 🦜☠️Pirate Paradise V2☠️🦜.

    I shared it in this forum long time ago. It is the light kits I use.
  6. MarcoMak

    [MOC] 🦜☠️Pirate Paradise V2☠️🦜.

    We are the best!!! Thank you !!!
  7. MarcoMak

    [MOC] 🦜☠️Pirate Paradise V2☠️🦜.

    Thank you!!!! You are the best!!!
  8. MarcoMak

    [MOC] 🦜☠️Pirate Paradise V2☠️🦜.

    Thank you so much !!!! It is my pleasure By the way, why I can't see the photos in the post? Am I type something wrong?
  9. For people who love pirate theme, here I present my new Moc - 🦜☠️Pirate Paradise V2☠️🦜. Actually it is the extension of my first moc, but the first moc is really incomplete for me, so I start to extend it, it took me half year to design it in studio, modify and modify and modify and finally make something I really love. Not much building technique in this moc, what I want to do is making a pirate scene with many details and stories, I imagine the minifigs are really living in this island happily. I get a lot of inspiration from this forum, thank you so much. ''See the fire of lighthouse🔥 , you arrive pirate paradise🏴‍☠️!!! Enjoy the music, food and Rum🍻, let 's party through day and night🎉~~~ Looking for treasure around the world 👑? It may be under your feet🤯. '' Hope you like it, and have a good dream of pirates. Ahoy~~~~☠️  All the photos I uploaded to flickr and divided into four album Process Big View Medium View Small View
  10. MarcoMak

    [MOC] Assassin's Creed - Venice 1486

    It is really beautiful and full of special building skill, so many attractive details, I love the lifting machine and the ship on the port , the appearance is very nice. "Some parts are rebuild 2 or 3 times before i was satisfied with the result. So its really by trail and error. " This is real, first you have the idea, and then build it, and keep it for several days, sometimes you still think that it is good, but sometimes you can't accept it then you will modify it. I really enjoy this process of making MOC. Thank you so much for sharing this masterpiece to us, it is inspiring to all MOC Maker. Is it hot dog sausage? The curve line of this mast platform is wonderful !!!
  11. MarcoMak

    [MOC] Pirate Paradise 🤩🤩🤩

    Thank you so much for all your comments Actually it is only half of my whole design, I am keep working on another half, but still need a lot of modifications, hope I can finish it within three months. I really enjoy the process of making MOC!
  12. MarcoMak

    [MOC] Pirate Paradise 🤩🤩🤩

    Thank you so much!!!
  13. MarcoMak

    [MOC] Pirate Paradise 🤩🤩🤩

    Oh my God It is my honor if I can go to frontpage again!
  14. MarcoMak

    [MOC] Pirate Paradise 🤩🤩🤩

    Yes, so we need to look behind before flirting with other girls
  15. My first MOC : Pirates Paradise!!! 🤩🤩🤩 So happy that finally make the real thing from studio, it takes me quite a long time to design it, it is not perfect but I really love it. 😜 It is a place for pirates to enjoy their rum and there is a room on the cliff for pirate boss meeting, may be discuss where to go for treasure? Hope you guys like it. 🤗