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  1. I think there is enough diversity in the Lego range to provide market access to all ages and budgets. For the builders who want the traditional creative experience, there are plenty of Classic sets & boxes that barely stray from the basic core experience. I would have an issue with a scene of Comic-Book-Guy adult collectors & resellers hoovering up all the Lego on the shelves, leaving nothing for the kids or casual buyer. But in reality I don't think the 'professional' buyers have that much of a detrimental impact on the other groups' ability to source and pick up the sets they want. As for hoarding Lego, I don't see any difference in this compared to all other collectibles in other walks of life. Rather than losing its way, I think Lego is becoming more and more inclusive, and its enduring popularity is evidence of that.
  2. Bricky Steamboat

    New Bricks and Pieces site

    Hmm...weird. Other parts from that set are still on Pick a Brick, just don't come up against that set number. You might have better luck going the long way around and searching by part name or element number.
  3. Bricky Steamboat

    New Bricks and Pieces site

    Strange. Have you deselected the 'best sellers only' thingy? I take it it's not a licensed piece or something to do with CMFs. What's the set/part?
  4. Bricky Steamboat

    Ideas for new City sets

    You make very good points about civil infrastructure. Even at a Lego City ‘cartoon’ level of detail. We have wind turbines but no power plant, recycling trucks but no recycling centre, petrol stations but no electric car charging, road sweepers but no depot, books but no library, and athletes but no municipal sports centre.
  5. Bricky Steamboat

    [MOC] Black Falcon's Fortress Anno 2022

    This is a great build. A lovely compact look to it. Will hunt down the instructions! Would also look great slotted into raised rockwork, so atop a cliff or steep hill.
  6. Bricky Steamboat

    10305 Lion Knights' Castle 90th anniversary set

    The counter argument is that the Castle fans got 3 votes to spread around those different Castle sub-themes, whereas Bionicle supporters were limited to just 1 selection and then had to pick something else or nothing at all. So for me it didn’t then make sense to combine all of the Castle subtheme votes and present it as a top 4. Anyway, I think they’ve adequately apologised for not thinking it through.
  7. Bricky Steamboat

    Lego Ideas 90th Anniversary Fan Vote

    Toastie This is all still just a strong leak though. Might be a pirate castle in space yet, with bionicle GWP.
  8. Bricky Steamboat

    10305 Lion Knights' Castle 90th anniversary set

    I can hear the cluck of chickens already, emerging from a village scene incorporated into the lower castle walls I agree that the farm animals will be too convenient to omit, and if the rumoured price is accurate then there's no reason to see things like that being missed out.
  9. Bricky Steamboat

    Lego Ideas 90th Anniversary Fan Vote

    UCS Castle Shut up & take my money! Yaargh, feel for the other fan groups, but that's democracy folks.
  10. Bricky Steamboat

    Rumoured New In-House Theme Discussion

    They represent the main characters, obviously based on 3 of the 4 classic elements. Maximus the flying lion, Hydra the multi-headed water snake, and the albatross on fire. The only one missing is 'earth', which might be the unicorn that's always knocking about.
  11. Bricky Steamboat

    Rumoured New In-House Theme Discussion

    Potentially great news for fans of lions with wings and albatrosses on fire. 4th set might be another fire engine
  12. Bricky Steamboat

    [MOC] The Redbeard's house

    What a great build! I'll definitely be looking for the instructions when they're released. Would happily part with a few doubloons to credit the designer
  13. Bricky Steamboat

    Being Pirates 2: Work in Progress and Teasers

    Looking good! You can't have too many trees in a Caribbean setting, go nuts on those.
  14. Bricky Steamboat

    Why do only certain sets stickers peel?

    I wonder if there’s an internal heat source near your storage that could be affecting them? Up against a wall adjoining a hot water pipe or something? The peeling and moving you describe does sound like something is heating the adhesive, even gently.
  15. Bricky Steamboat

    Ideas for new City sets

    Shopping Street 60306 comes with a streetlight repair dude & bucket truck (and the world’s thinnest shops). It’s branded ‘City Service’, so not a traditional roadworks yellow vehicle - but I’ve no idea if that tag is an existing theme or just something they made up for this truck.
  16. Bricky Steamboat

    Ideas for new Lego themes! (Non-licensed)

    A bit of a City crossover, but Lego River. Everything happens on rivers. Boats, barges/canals/locks, fishing, camp grounds, bridges, plant & animal life, ecology/clean-ups, rescues, water sport activities, cycle paths, and a good old fashioned marina. Rocky River Retreat 6552 is what I'm aiming at.
  17. Bricky Steamboat

    Lego Ideas 90th Anniversary Fan Vote

    Ah, I see where you’re coming from. In my head I’d imagined a Space set to be grey plates and simplistic. But would be interesting to see it brought up-to-date with modern build design whilst still paying unmistakable homage to the original. I’m neutral to be honest, and just looking forward to it. Castle, Space, Belville, whatever it is.
  18. Bricky Steamboat

    Lego Ideas 90th Anniversary Fan Vote

    For my two pence, if this is just to release a one-off set from a classic theme, then I don’t gather what can be fulfilled by a Space set that wasn’t covered by Benny’s spaceship.
  19. Bricky Steamboat

    Which Lego YouTube channels are best these days?

    I don’t particularly enjoy the review-oriented channels, but I enjoy the creative City content. Robin Hood Bricks is the best one. Uses pieces from all themes in unexpected and amusing ways. Bricksie is very enthusiastic about Lego, and to my ears is a bit more toned down than his US equivalents Lion Bricks is a UK City builder but doesn’t post new content frequently. But the videos are really well put together. Finally I like bricktsar, or jaabo. Never a minute away from stepping on a rake or knocking something over, but seems like a genuine person who loves Lego.
  20. Bricky Steamboat

    Practise Posting Here!

    Hello New member. Loved Lego as a kid, just started to get into it again as an adult. It’s fair to say I’ve got the bug again. I’ve already had a good look around and I’m in awe of the talent and sheer creativity on display. BS