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  1. Frank4bricks

    MOC: 31070 alternate Porsche

    Done! Thank you for sharing your LDD files with us!
  2. Frank4bricks

    [MOC] Avtoros Shaman 8x8

    Hi Madoka, I'm sorry to have to report to you a bad news like this but...are you informed that your MOC become a LEPIN regular set? Please take a look:
  3. Frank4bricks

    [MOC] Lancia Stratos 1:8 Scale

    Hi. Your cars are both amazing. When "she" run & win in the World Rally Championship I was a huge fan! I'm not able to send you a MP at the moment, but I'm very interested about LDD ad stickers file. Any suggestion about how to get it?
  4. Frank4bricks

    10242 Mini Cooper Convertible MOD

    What do you think about my version? Project with LDD, pieces from Bricklink, picture posted on LEGO Italia facebook page (with credit to you)
  5. Frank4bricks

    Fairground Dodgems

    Any chance to have the LDD file? :)
  6. Frank4bricks


    Hi, my name is Francesco Frangioja and I am a member of ItLUG (Italian LUG) from Milan, Italy. I'm organizing an exhibitions at "WOW Comics Museum" ( on the robot theme (robot in comics, movie, anime, OAV, literature etc.) and I really love to build a Patlabor with LEGO, but I'm not expert enough to design it. The first thing that you'll see when you go into the Museum Museum that host the exhibition is a 1:1 scale plastic model of "Alphonse"!!!!!!! There is any chance that you help me building a copy of your creation that I'll expose (with all credit to you, of course) during the exhibtion (from 26th october 2013 to 12th january 2014)? Many thanks, Francesco
  7. Frank4bricks

    UCS Black Pearl

    Hi Vassal, I'm near to start to assemble my new (new for me, of course) Imperial Flagship (10210), and I'am looking for a display/stand agree to the vessel level. Is it possible to have part list and/or LDD project for the display/stand? Many thanks, Francesco
  8. Frank4bricks

    Review: 21011 Brandenburg Gate

    Hi Lucas, unfortunately the 21011 set is not available in my Country (Italy). Because I'm a Bricklink member (and I hope you're a menber too), do you think is it possible that you buy the set on my behalf if I'll send you a payment via paypal ? You don't know me and I don't know you, but we both love Lego, so........... Cheers, Francesco PS : my English is awful, I know, but I'm trying to learn it as fast as I can ;-)