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  1. Trudop561

    LEGO Star Wars 2011 Pictures & Rumors

    Just deeplinking some pictures. snip
  2. Trudop561

    Math problem

    Good evening EB community! I know it is a lego themed website but I think it is appropriate to post this kind of topic in the community forum. I may be wrong. If I am, I apologize. Well, on to the problem! I must solve this equation. (1/2)^(x+2) -3 = (3/2)^x -2 Thanks in advance.
  3. Trudop561

    LEGO Star Wars 2010 Pictures and Rumors

    Don't forget that the shuttle design may be very similar to that of the 8019 Republic Attack Shuttle. The two vehicles have a similar design and, with the introduction of as many features as the designers can in a set, there will probably be not much space inside. Maybe an office for Palpatine, or something else but I don't expect much from it. The minifigs included will probably be the minimum : Palpatine (Death star version), an imperial pilot (flesh) and one trooper or two. The shuttle may appear in the second season of TCW and, therefore, not be a ROTS version. And it is sure that it will include flick-missiles, maybe even a bomb-dropping feature, with an opening system, etc. Well, I cannot say much more on it until the pics pop up. I am most looking forward to the OT sets *Cough*Slave I*Cough*
  4. Trudop561

    If you could revive one production year's sets...

    The first X-Wing ! This was my first Star Wars set and was accurate, included good minifigures (Biggs Darklighter and a rebel mechanician!), a chrome lightsaber and a little transport vehicle. I would be glad to see Lego release a few old sets like they did a few years ago with the Legend sets.
  5. Trudop561

    LEGO Star Wars 2010 Pictures and Rumors

    This is the first ever sad minifigure face. Seriously, he doesn't seems to die but to cry
  6. Trudop561

    Lego Star Wars Species Guide

    That is because most of the minifigs have a proper name. For example, Watto is a Toydaryan, the jawas are jawas (they don't have proper names), chewbacca is a wookiee and Jabba is a Hutt. A species index would be more appropriate in a Star Wars encyclopedia. This forum is based on the lego sets of this theme, not the whole saga.
  7. Trudop561

    Most Hated!

    What does everyone has against the old infiltrator? It was one of my favourite sets as a kid and is not that bad. The design may be poor but the minifigure is great, the functions were well made and the colours were realistic (well, except that blue). Anyway, on to the topic! On my opinion, the worst Star Wars set ever, except the bucket ( ) is the #7257 Ultimate Lightsaber Duel. The minifigures are LUL and cannot be used normally or modified, the function to control them (with old soccer axes and platforms) is absurd and the base has a horrible design. I would also count the 8016 Hyena Droid Bomber as a very bad set because the model absolutely don't look like the "real" ship, it includes many stickers (like many sets now) and useless minifigures (unless you want to create a MOC based on the rescue of Plo Koon and his men aboard the escape pod). About the worst minifigure, there are too many to list.
  8. Trudop561

    REVIEW: 30004 Battle Droid on STAP

    This set deserves an average ranking, in my opinion, because we already have plenty of battle droids and STAPs. But the blue one is more rare, although it can be easily made by anyone who has the right pieces. But it's nothing great, even special. By the way, you have done a great review
  9. Trudop561

    Lego Star Wars Species Guide

    There already is the minifig index that regroups most of the species you mentioned.
  10. Trudop561

    "Urm...the map was upside down."

    This is a funny and well designed vignette Keep up the good work!
  11. Trudop561

    LEGO Star Wars 2010 Pictures and Rumors

    I remarked that these sets include many spare figures (the stormtrooper in the Tie Defender set, the Talz and the battle droids). Anyway, let's comment! The freeco bike is well designed and seems to include a Talz warrior minifigure. This is particular because it seems to be a unique and exclusive minifig, which are, usually, included in the bigger sets. A few of these sets would be good to recreate the battle of Orto Plutonia. The other minifigure is unclear. It could be Obi-Wan, Anakin Skywalker or a Pantoran soldier, a minifig of a few interest. I think the vehicle will include stickers for the front details and republic insigna on the back. I hope the cockpit is airtight. Not easy to do at this scale, but still possible. Finally, by judging the piece count, its price will probably be set between 15-20$. This is relatively expensive and, at this price, it will be hard to buy many and recreate the battle. And, although the set may be good, the idea is not. The only use I see for this set is the battle of the Clone Wars episode "Trespass". You cannot really use it for ground scenarios that are not taking place on a snow world. For this reason, its use is very limited. I'm glad that Lego is finally releasing a remake of the droid tri-fighter, that we have seen for the last time in 2005. However, judging by the picture, it seems oversized. The minifigures (rocket punky battle droids ) will only contribute to increase the price. The fighter seems to include two flick-fire missiles and the front cannons look interesting. I wonder if the main bubble includes another of these buzz droids. I think I can foresee one but I prefer to wait for clearer pictures. Like for the freeco bike, it will be hard to acquire a fleet of these, as the price will probably be set between 25$ and 35$. It doesn't look very exciting but is a good addition to a CIS army and unlike the freeco bike, this set can be used for many stories, scenarios and battles. The Tie Defender set is a real beauty of design I see that Lego has finally buried his blue and black design for Ties and is turning to more realistics gray and black. The fighter looks great with its three "V" style wings. This set is from the Expanded Universe and a welcomed addition to any OT fan collection. It has many different uses and is another piece in the Ties family. The minifigures themselves don't look very exciting. The stormtrooper is a common figure but one more is always pleasant to have. The Tie pilot itself is also a common figure but this one looks different. Maybe it is because the bad quality of the image doesn't show all of the details. I do not think this is a new helmet because there are no variants of space Tie Pilots. I am looking forward to this. I am satisfacted to finally have the confirmation that there will be a rebel battle pack next year and that I will not be forced to buy zillions of Echo base sets just for the new rebel troopers The vehicle is similar to the 2008 scout speeder but share come characteristics with the Pirate tank : the turret. I also hope that there is enough space on the front of it to put another soldier in. It looks like the set will include two long rifles and one short rifle. But, as a battle pack never comes without four individual weapons, it will probably include another short rifle. The pilot is a particular addition because it is the first set to include one that is not a starship. This will help to diversify my rebel army As for the piece count, it is an error. Imagine if it was not! I sense that this set will become a must-have to elaborate Hoth dioramas and scenarios. Nice job, TLC Finally, the snowtrooper battle pack. This is the only set to include a good number of snowtrooper at a cheap price. This is also the first white version of the new speederbike. Even if we all own zillions of them, this colour has an appeal to me. But I think the best element of the set is the AT-AT pilot. Yay! This minifigure is usually included in expensive and 100$+ AT-ATs. This time, everyone will be able to get his hand on one of these minifigs The other minifigure is unclear. It may be a snowtrooper, an imperial officer or a AT-ST pilot. The station has a firing mechanism for flick-fire missiles and a red light on the right. It is not great, but it includes a white plate, always appreciated. However, I do not like the Clone Wars packaging for this set and the rebel one as they are not from this time of the SW saga. It remains a great battle pack that will come in handy for the collectors and army builders
  12. Trudop561

    The Visual Dictionary

    I have a few questions you could ask them, Legoscum. 1. Do you intend to extend the Star Wars license beyond 2011? 2. Do you intend to introduce sets based on vehicles, locations, events and characters from the future Star Wars live-action TV serie? 3. How do you foresee the evolution of the Star Wars license after the end of the clone wars TV serie? 4. Do you intend to submit, in the future, more "fans choice" sets ideas to the Lego community, like the 7754 Home One Mon Calamari Star Cruiser? 5. Many fans are complaining about the use of stickers in the sets, which has considerably increased in the last years and many of them claim to be ready to pay a little more for sets with only printed parts. Is the decision of introducing/removing stickers in the sets relevant of each team working on a specific theme or a higher autority?
  13. Trudop561

    LEGO Star Wars 2009 Sets and Rumours

    Interesting news about the preliminary pictures of the sets. So, as I thought, the Slave I will be a 30th anniversary edition. I just hope this is not a bad joke. I wonder how this set will look like, compared to the last version. This would be great! But I have the feeling they are really stickers. You know TLG. It seems like there is a little thickness to this "printing".
  14. Trudop561

    Watto's Junkyard Discussion

    Can the MODs be included in our selection?
  15. Trudop561

    Chrome Darth Vader Raffle

    My top 5 selection is as following. UCS Scale Scimitar Assault Bomber by Walter Kovacs Imperial Shuttle by Baronsat Some MOCs by Vimes Plo Koon's Jedi Starfighter by DutchRebel A-Wing by Jerac