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  1. 5 hours ago, psqidexslizer said:

    Google “Lego X-Men Mansion leak.” It’ll pop up under images.

    I don't think that image was final and it could change drastically. I doubt we'd get more info about what it looks like until it's near the date when it's being released (Like the Avengers Tower).


    7 hours ago, Agent Kallus said:

    Yeah it's a leak for a 2024 set...

    I know it's a leak for 2024. I meant a leaked image of the set.

  2. 13 hours ago, cosmic said:


    • X Mansion - I am kind of worried about this one. When all those Lego leaks happened recently quite a few came true. We got Rivendell just as it appeared in those initial leaks. I remember thinking the buildable Simba looked so official and we ended up getting an announcement for both it and the buildable Donald Duck that were part of those initial leaks. So back to the X-Mansion, the reason I am worried is because all the leaks have been super accurate so far and that leaked X-Mansion was a huge let down and needed quite a bit of revisioning. And by that I mean a complete redesign. To be specific ;
    • The gate was a shallow and dull build, plus the grey and black color scheme did not match the beige tan of the actual mansion
    • Grey studs exposed at the front facing side of the mansion and studs exposed on the roof, needed some sort of creative architecture I mean its a mansion or crying out loud. 
    • Cyclops is in his 90's gear which is perfect but Mystique is in her nude Fox fit. Why? No she should have her white dress and now that I think about it this is the most likely placeholder as they would never release a nude figure let alone one that is not in theme with the other figures in her set because as of now she appears to be the only cinematic design included
    • The inclusion of Beast, Storm and Wolverine is both comical and infuriating. I hope this is one of those cases of leaked figures being moved to other media. Beast and Storm being moved to the CMF series and chosen to be replaced by other characters would be a dream come true because I would hate for half of the protagonists to be repeats. That said Beast seems to be in his lab suit so at least it appears there may be. variant for him. I'll say I'm still hoping for a new mould for Storms long white hair and crown.
    • Sabertooths inclusion is exciting I hope he is also comic based with the same fur piece used for Kraven

    Is there a new leak of the X-Mansion? I thought we wouldn't get one till the spring of 2024.

  3. 3 hours ago, BrickBob Studpants said:

    The only reliable way to identify the figures is weighing them, the other suggested approaches (position and codes) have been soundly debunked :classic:

    I was talking to an employee at my Smyths Toys, they said the little QR code above the production number is supposed to show which minifig they are. It doesn't work yet because they haven't officially been released online and everywhere else.